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Log4j exploit

Log4j is everywhere. You can fix it, but first you have to find it

It’s easy to see just how important — and dangerous — the Log4j vulnerability is. What’s harder is devising an effective response. As you may know, Log4j is an open-source, Java-based logging utility and library. Developed by the Apache Foundation, its use is pervasive but not usually overt — being embedded in many Java servers, […]

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Cyber security threats: the hits keep coming

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Data-driven development for autonomous driving with DXC Robotic Drive Cloud

To develop, test and integrate modern, highly automated or even autonomous driving functions, new capabilities are required. One new and complex discipline is to be able to manage and to automatically … [Continue Reading]

DXC supports digital literacy with Iberia Codes contest

DXC volunteers in Iberia are making a difference in the lives of children by promoting digital literacy via a coding contest. This fun and collaborative initiative to awaken and foster children’s … [Continue Reading]

DXC London Innovation Centre takes on business challenges with teamwork and emerging tech

  A conversation with Sukhi Gill about meeting the challenge of turning digital transformation ideas into reality Two years ago DXC launched our London Innovation Centre, a collaborative … [Continue Reading]

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