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Wrestling with COVID-19’s impact on your large enterprise? Here’s some digital guidance

It’s extremely rare for change to come as quickly and forcefully as it has in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Many organizations, even large enterprises, are struggling with the current reality and in charting a course forward. How should you respond in these times of uncertainty? How might the choices you make now […]

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Gender equality in the workplace — 4 principles for change

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Security tips to support remote work due to the coronavirus

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Risky business: Why a rapidly changing insurance landscape necessitates a bold approach

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Overcoming barriers to business transformation – reflections on our enterprise survey

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VMware’s Tanzu can help plot a clear path to modernized applications

For most enterprises, the digital journey feels like a rough cab ride through New York City at the height of construction season. In rush hour. The route from legacy estate to modern platform is … [Continue Reading]

Enterprises are embracing edge computing

The exponential growth of connected, embedded devices -- the Internet of Things (IoT) -- is forcing some enterprises to revamp their network architectures to avoid latency issues and continue to … [Continue Reading]

What is Helm? A look at software package management for Kubernetes

So, you're using Kubernetes to manage your cloud's containers. Good for you for jumping on the Kubernetes bandwagon.  But, how do you load programs into those containers in the first place? There are … [Continue Reading]

Wishing won’t solve gender inequality in the workplace. We must act.

With Women’s History Month underway, I’ve been thinking about a report published a few months ago in Wired magazine. The article examines the progress tech companies have made in diversifying their … [Continue Reading]

The rise of cyber security product sprawl

Twenty years ago, when enterprise information security was starting to hit its stride, nearly all enterprise security software products were bought as point solutions. They did one job – resist … [Continue Reading]

The Digital Seaport: Transforming an ancient economic hub without disrupting the lives of its workers

Today’s ports are struggling to manage the massive volume of containers arriving on giant vessels.  Industry leaders are looking for new ideas to cope, but it’s hard to find answers that satisfy … [Continue Reading]

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