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Variables to watch for on the road to Office 365 deployment

A profusion of channels and technologies used to communicate and collaborate have shaped the way most users view their work experience. Whether users work in a traditional office setting, remotely from home, or even abroad, the expectations remain the same: secure and unfettered access to communications and key productivity applications. We call this the consumerization […]

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Tracking employee well-being with big data: Workplace utopia or dystopia?

A number of factors can impact employee productivity, including how well a worker’s skills and training match the needs of the job, the quality of tools available for doing a particular job, … [Continue Reading]

DXC Cares: The Noble Box

Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Box) is one of the most popular charity projects in Poland and provided aid to poor families during Christmas holidays since 2001. The organization identifies families … [Continue Reading]

Convergence is central to many 2018 tech trends

The advantage to being a blogger with a “diverse” background is the ability to be somewhat schizophrenic in one’s writing.  As you may have sensed, my current professional career ranges from … [Continue Reading]

The ins and outs of application compatibility on Microsoft Azure

Many of our customers want to move their existing applications to the public cloud but are concerned about potential compatibility issues. This is a complex topic so I will attempt to address it by … [Continue Reading]

Leadership lessons from highway: Navigating curves en route to Destination Disruption

This blog is about a mix of highway signs, business strategy and us. How do these three converge? Read on… Any traveler who traverses the Himalayan Roads in Northeast India would be certain to … [Continue Reading]

Rethinking your vision statement by “starting with why”

I just finished watching a seminal Ted Talk. I consider it seminal because it helped me resolve a long-standing dissatisfaction I have with the typical organization's vision statement. Here are … [Continue Reading]

Why you need Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Smart companies understand that the cloud has changed the business paradigm. Businesses working on their digital transformations tend to use multiple cloud providers to reduce costs and become more … [Continue Reading]

Meltdown and Spectre bring a world of hurt to the cloud

Meltdown and Spectre represent a new class of security problem and the cloud -- based as it is  on virtual machines -- is uniquely vulnerable. The good news is patches are either already in place … [Continue Reading]

OmniLocation + geomatics = modern-day presence technologies

With billions of smart phones, and even more IoT devices, blanketing the world and capable of transmitting location and other data, it is possible to track anyone and anything at any time. This puts … [Continue Reading]

Workplace of the future may not have an actual workplace

The trend toward an increasingly mobile and remote work force shows no sign of stopping as employees demand flexibility in where and when they do their jobs. Fewer than one in three employees (32%) … [Continue Reading]

Digital fitness: Virtual cycling with Zwift

It's 7:30am on a Saturday, below freezing outside, starting to snow, and I have a 2-hour bike training session to get in. A few years ago, the options in this situation would have been limited to … [Continue Reading]

Get Agile for adaptive execution

Adaptive execution is a vital discipline for thriving in this age of digital transformation. And becoming Agile can help your organization do it. Adaptive execution — as defined by the Leading Edge … [Continue Reading]

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