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Airport of the future: No more lines at airport security

By using artificial intelligence and biometrics we can envision a world where time-consuming and frustrating airport security lines are replaced by automated identification systems that make it possible for passengers to breeze through with much less hassle. Remember back in the 1980s when people used to wait in hour-long lines to have their checks cashed […]

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Common questions about tools and methods of DFARS compliance

There are many factors to consider as you address how to achieve DFARS compliance with new standards for information control. Here are a few questions and concerns that clients have shared regarding … [Continue Reading]

Artificial intelligence in banking: How to be more trustworthy, efficient and helpful

You know your bank, but how well does your bank know you? Banks want better relationships with their customers in order to provide more personalized and customized services. Artificial intelligence … [Continue Reading]

Hey, mobile “early adopters,” level up or lose out!

So your enterprise is part of the mobile revolution. Good work! Most of your employees have mobile devices that allow them to check their email, messages, or calendar from anywhere and at any … [Continue Reading]

Workplace collaboration advice for introverts

You walk into a restaurant on your own and see that there are two choices for where to sit. To your left there’s a bar with a few people sitting around talking, the barman looks chatty and you … [Continue Reading]

U is for usability

This post is part of a series, “Digital: From A to Z,” that explores what it means to be digital. What’s in your A to Z of digital? Find me on Twitter @Max_Hemingway or leave a comment … [Continue Reading]

The next wave of chatbots will be smarter

Chatbots no longer can be considered a future technology. Across a number of industries -- including financial services, retail, and travel -- chatbots are being deployed today to interact with … [Continue Reading]

Five trendy healthcare tech titles to watch

Is your CIO or CTO title enough to impress in the scorching hot healthcare technology industry ? Probably so, but the dynamic nature of the sector has spawned a totally new set of leadership titles … [Continue Reading]

Lemons, silos and trust issues: How to turn GDPR into lemonade

If you attend any of the numerous seminars about GDPR (the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation) nowadays, you’ll notice that the new rules are taking quite some flak. Invariably, some CIOs or CEOs … [Continue Reading]

Federal government spending on cloud down in 2017. Wait, what?

After several years of steady growth in federal government spending on cloud, we’re seeing the trend reverse in 2017. Depending on your source, federal government spending on cloud will contract … [Continue Reading]

The device as the persona

There is arguably no greater growth than in the use of personal devices in healthcare. These range from the personal fitness devices on which the incessant 10,000 steps a day are counted on the wrist, … [Continue Reading]

SAP in the cloud made simple with Microsoft Azure

Many businesses have run SAP via traditional on-premises platform solutions with strong results for a decade or more. Now, these same companies recognize that they must change to take advantage of the … [Continue Reading]

DXC Labs: Using data stories to accelerate machine learning solutions

DXC Labs has been leading the R&D for our industrialized AI offering by rapidly developing prototypes of machine learning solutions for various “data stories.” These prototypes (or minimum viable … [Continue Reading]

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