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Why consumer education is needed in the digital insurance age

An explosion of technology innovation over the last several years has created digital-savvy consumers and digital-empowered employees. For the insurance sector, this has brought forth both new market opportunities and new market confusion. The insurance sector has leveraged digital for new ways of working, and that has proven to be especially valuable in light of […]

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Survey data shows insurance consumers are clamoring for better digital experiences

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The 5 tech improvements banks and other financial institutions will need to maintain AML compliance

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The keys to blockchain interoperability (and why it matters)

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Digital twin technology: The key to airport innovation

Airports face a number of challenges -- aging infrastructure, fluctuating demand, sophisticated security needs and, now, an unexpected global health crisis -- and legacy technologies are incapable of … [Continue Reading]

Developing for autoscaling in Azure

The public cloud (i.e. AWS, Azure, etc.) is often portrayed as a panacea for all that ails on-premises solutions. And along with this “cure-all” impression are a few misconceptions about the benefits … [Continue Reading]

IT support automation keeps remote workforces productive

Enterprise clients have looked to automate IT support for several years. With millions of employees across the globe now working from home, support needs have increased dramatically, with many … [Continue Reading]

Securing the rise of RPA

When it came to their transformation efforts, enterprises went all in last year, and they’re going to remain all in throughout 2020. A central aspect of any successful business transformation is … [Continue Reading]

Check out the new Online DevOps Dojo

DevOps dojos have been wildly popular as on-site workshops that support an organization’s DevOps transformation. But even before COVID-19 and social distancing, in-person sessions had their limits. … [Continue Reading]

AI planning advice for enterprise decision-makers

Most enterprises don’t yet have full-blown artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives spanning their business units. Some may be running limited pilot programs, while others still may be assessing how … [Continue Reading]

3 tech strategies emerge as vital for transit industry transformation

Last fall, while attending the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) annual conference – and then earlier this year at APTA’s  Business Member Board of Governors Meeting –  I had the … [Continue Reading]

Here’s what agility means right now, when it counts the most

When we speak of agility, it’s often in terms of how it can help businesses get new products to market faster or adapt to shifting customer preferences – this is during normal times.  In today’s … [Continue Reading]

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