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digital twin jet engines

How digital twin and analytics are shaping aircraft MRO

Commercial air travel is safer than ever, according to a recent study published in Transportation Science. Data compiled by MIT professor Arnold Barnett shows that in 2017 only eight of more than 4 billion boarding air passengers around the world died in air accidents.  The risk of death for boarding passengers fell by more than […]

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A sound IT foundation starts at the top

IT modernization is essential for enterprises that want to successfully compete in the digital economy. But IT modernization in and of itself is pointless, costly, and self-defeating unless it … [Continue Reading]

Healthcare-life sciences convergence accelerates patient-centered care

by Mark Wren It wasn’t long ago that healthcare and pharmaceuticals were treated as separate industries and the crossover – when it happened – was just in terms of how clinicians used drugs and … [Continue Reading]

A very brief history of cloud computing

You can argue over when cloud computing really began, but one good starting point is 2006 when then Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at a conference: “I don’t think people have really understood how big … [Continue Reading]

3 ways for public transit systems to get the most out of EAM systems

Except in developing countries where public transit systems are often totally new infrastructures built from scratch, most rail, metro and bus systems around the world are many decades old. Some even … [Continue Reading]

Getting the experts’ perspectives on healthcare in 2020

By George Mathew, MD As we begin a new decade, let’s take a moment to consider where priorities will – and should – lie in the years to come. One of the biggest themes of the past few years has … [Continue Reading]

Why you don’t want to run a roll-your-own cloud

Thanks to my job, I have accounts on many public clouds. I also have production private clouds -- open-source OpenStack and NextCloud spring to mind. But, but, as someone who cut his teeth on Unix … [Continue Reading]

HR digital transformation requires more than just automation

Automating HR processes to make them repeatable, easier to execute and faster makes sense, but the value that adds can be undercut if the processes being automated are outdated, fragmented and … [Continue Reading]

DreamWorks Animation embraces “transformation as lifestyle”

By Neil Ward-Dutton, IDC As the CG animation studio responsible for the Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Trolls and How to Train Your Dragon franchises, DreamWorks Animation (DWA) is an enormously respected … [Continue Reading]

Using data governance to overcome data quality and preparation challenges

Enterprises continue to migrate mission-critical data and applications to the cloud, which offers more efficiency, scalability and accessibility than on-premises computing environments. More than … [Continue Reading]

To improve meetings, don’t just use collaboration technologies – integrate them

Are your meetings like the weather? You know, everyone complains about them, but no one seems to be able to do anything about it. We’ve all endured long, boring meetings that feel endless. And … [Continue Reading]

DXC Invitational: Co-innovating with insurtechs

The lone inventor hunched over a bench, toiling over a thousand failed experiments before achieving success (Eureka!), is the notional image of innovation we’ve carried for generations. But innovation … [Continue Reading]

Where to deploy new security tools first for maximum effect

You have your eye on a new piece of security technology or service and you want to evaluate it before deciding whether to commit to the effort of a full deployment. Alternatively, you may already be … [Continue Reading]

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