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Three ways to improve the retail store customer experience

Walk into a typical retail store and more than likely you will be bombarded by piles of merchandise. And to make matters worse, there’s often nobody available to help you wade through all those products. How many times have you been in a store only to hear the common refrains: “You have to go the […]

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How to embrace feedback in the workplace

As promised in my last blog, let’s talk about taking your feedback personally. Bear with me here. One method we can use, is something called the “feedback sandwich.” The basic concept is that the … [Continue Reading]

How to foster innovation by empowering your employees

At DXC we continually encourage our people to “innovate,” but how does one define innovation and what does it really mean? Personally, I think it is an overused term and one that often lacks agreement … [Continue Reading]

It’s time to get certified (and get recognised) in project management

With the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act signed into law in the U.S. and the awarding of a Royal Charter to the Association of Project Management, there has never been a better … [Continue Reading]

How do you drive business agility with digital process transformation?

Digital transformation requires fundamental business process changes.  To transform to a “digital enterprise” and successfully compete with “digital natives” companies need a holistic approach and … [Continue Reading]

Red Hat’s system management tools join hands with its DevOps programs

For years we've used older system management tools such as Ivanti LANDESK, Kaseya VSA and  Dynatrace Application Monitoring. They're still great, but as we move to the cloud, containers and continuous … [Continue Reading]

Where is your software asset management (SAM) journey headed in 2018?

The world of software continues to be driven by digital transformation, with software licensing trends showing vendors continuing to move from perpetual to subscription-based licensing and from simple … [Continue Reading]

The carrot and the stick approach to cyber resilience

The world of cyber security is maturing at a rapid pace. Commercial and public sector organisations are increasingly focusing on cyber resilience, as they realise that the impact of the inevitable … [Continue Reading]

A powerful potential solution to powering IoT sensors

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers enterprises access to unprecedented amounts of data for analyzing customer preferences, tracking and managing inventory, monitoring equipment, and more. But IoT … [Continue Reading]

How CPG companies can get the most out of their hybrid cloud journey

Cloud is no longer just a theoretical concept for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Many have already spent a significant amount of time and resources transforming data centers and … [Continue Reading]

Even the best remote collaboration tools are useless without effective team leadership

I've written a lot over the past few years about workplace collaboration and how the right technology tools can help enable enterprise teams to be productive, no matter where various members are … [Continue Reading]

Workplace generational war breaks out on LinkedIn!

A messy battle between older professionals and Millennials surfaced on LinkedIn recently, and while it had its entertaining aspects, it really brought out the simmering resentment and disdain that … [Continue Reading]

Why standard IT development methodologies don’t apply on the RPA battlefield

Even in 2018, service providers are still wondering about -- and discovering -- ways to be successful in implementing robotics. In any other instance of IT development, everybody follows standards … [Continue Reading]

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