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When it comes to digital security, millennials are slackers (but so are boomers)

Data from a survey of nearly 800 employed U.S. adults makes clear what enterprise IT security professionals have always known: Humans — of all ages! — are the single biggest security vulnerability in any enterprise. Conducted by payment technology solutions vendor First Data, the survey aimed to assess the cybersecurity awareness of different age groups among […]

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Airlines leverage automation to protect revenue

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Azure Stack: Coming to a data center near you

Most IT organizations are already sold on the value of public cloud. It offers greater IT agility than traditional on-premise data centers and provides a foundation for innovation throughout the … [Continue Reading]

Five reasons to get excited about Dynamics 365

Wherever you go these days, you hear lot about digital transformation, but what is it really about? Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together your people, data and processes … [Continue Reading]

A look at cyber warfare and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

In 2010, Stuxnet, a malicious computer worm created by the United States and Israel physically sabotaged Iran’s uranium enrichment nuclear plants. In 2012, Iranian hackers struck Saudi Arabia’s … [Continue Reading]

The music of multi-sourcing (Part 2): Achieving harmonious customer outcomes

In part one of this blog series, I looked at some of the fundamental problems of managing multiple service providers. However, to keep up with customer demand and expectations, employing a number of … [Continue Reading]

Making IT an invisible enabler of change

IT and business leaders face the daunting task of not only upgrading workplace technology and modernizing infrastructure, but also overcoming user resistance to new ways of working. To ensure that … [Continue Reading]

Not all cyberattacks are over data theft

When executives consider the risk to their systems they often consider only the value of their data and that of their customers. Too rarely do they consider the intrinsic value of their raw computing … [Continue Reading]

Leadership: What can we learn from Silicon Valley?

What can we learn about leadership from the big IT organisations in Silicon Valley? The cynical side of me thinks that whether it's Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, etc., whenever we hear … [Continue Reading]

Artificial intelligence in government: How to be more efficient, effective and responsive

As artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly comes into the mainstream, what better place to apply it than in the public sector, where vast troves of data can be leveraged to make government work … [Continue Reading]

How great project management could lead to a great sales cycle

The project management and sales lifecycles have much in common. Consider the main attributes of great program and project managers. Problem solving and time management skills, abilities to hit … [Continue Reading]

Using content-as-a-service for internal street cred

I know first-hand that many homes have a basket of dozens of socks that have no match. None of us know how this can possibly happen. It’s almost a statistical and physical impossibility that this … [Continue Reading]

Mixed news on the “robots will steal our jobs” front

The notion of robots taking away jobs is frightening, especially given the dire predictions that have been made about how automation will replace millions of workers, particularly those in low-skill … [Continue Reading]

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