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Why it’s really smart to be an AI expert (Hint: $$$)

While there is a vigorous ongoing debate about the impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have on jobs, there’s no disputing this: People with AI-related skills are so in demand that some are being paid seven figures. In a tax filing this spring, AI research firm OpenAI (co-founded by Elon Musk) revealed that it paid its […]

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A procrastinator’s guide to GPDR in healthcare

Arguably, not since Y2K has there been such a time-centric frenzy about data risk and liability as we’re seeing with the start date for GPDR in Europe on May 25th. For those unfamiliar with the … [Continue Reading]

Azure container instances arrive

I love containers. You love containers. We all love containers. But, if you ever tried to run your programs on Microsoft Azure, you had a problem. It wasn't easy to run Docker-style containers, a … [Continue Reading]

Niche blockchain players emerging in healthcare

Pulse Series: As part of the 21st Century Series on Australian Healthcare, David Pare, CTO for DXC Healthcare and Life Sciences in Australia and New Zealand, will focus each month on news, start-ups … [Continue Reading]

Are we expecting too much of AI too soon?

Do a Google search on the phrase "how artificial intelligence is transforming". Go ahead, I'll wait. You'll notice that even before you hit the "search" button, Google suggests artificial … [Continue Reading]

Holding AI accountable in a digital world

There’s no question that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming more prevalent in organisations today. As a result of the burgeoning adoption, AI systems are becoming more complex, and the … [Continue Reading]

DXC Czech Republic tackles plastic pollution and raises money for charity

Plastic waste is flooding our planet one disposable plastic bag at a time and every single piece of plastic produced is still around. Eight million metric tons of plastic end up in the oceans … [Continue Reading]

Real-time environments help airlines land a better consumer experience

Airlines are behind the curve when it comes to operating in real time. The industry’s unique standards for selling airline products have been developed over many decades, resulting in multiple layers … [Continue Reading]

Cloud migration: Making the right choices up front stacks the odds in your favour

IT leaders are looking before they leap Bring up the topic of cloud migration with a C-Suite executive and you’ll usually get a positive reaction. Viewed through a business lens, the prospect of cost … [Continue Reading]

NIST updates cybersecurity framework

It’s been a long time coming. The U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released version 1.1 of the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure … [Continue Reading]

Reinventing life sciences supply chain and manufacturing capacity with digital innovation

by Gireesh Gaonkar As a medicinal product moves from R&D into approval and manufacturing, it must deal with a complex and dispersed distribution network and a global network of manufacturing … [Continue Reading]

Tech dominates list of best jobs in U.S.

The list of best jobs in the U.S. continues to be dominated by positions in the technology sector. The employment site Indeed recently analyzed data from its own listings, focusing on jobs that … [Continue Reading]

Why artificial intelligence needs real empathy

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have the potential to become both smarter than humans and smart in ways we’re not. I anticipate that AI will quickly bring tremendous benefits to both citizens and … [Continue Reading]

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