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When your corporate strategist is a machine

Many enterprise leaders are eager to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand and serve customers, to optimize efficiency, and to help with decision-making. But what if AI itself actually sets corporate strategy? It’s an intriguing notion, one which Forbes contributor Daniel Shapiro explores in a recent column. Shapiro goes into great detail about how […]

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Is your enterprise vulnerable to ‘deepfake’ technology? (The answer is yes)

You get an audio message from your CEO urgently requesting a money transfer. Or the VP of marketing leaves a voice message asking you to immediately send that file containing the company's product … [Continue Reading]

The rise of low-code/no-code application development platforms

“Software is eating the world.” That was the bold proclamation renowned innovator and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen expressed in an article he wrote for the Wall Street Journal. More and more … [Continue Reading]

‘You collaborate, old Millennial dude. I’ve got work to do.’

Just when you've carefully architected and curated the optimal collaborative environment for your Millennial workers, you've got to do a 180 and turn the office into a citadel of solitude! Corey … [Continue Reading]

Is your data inhibiting your digital thread? 3 ways to establish a data strategy

Products built by aerospace and defense companies are highly engineered and sophisticated, which means they’re often complex. That’s not a bad thing. But they’re also complex in ways that are … [Continue Reading]

5 things you need to do to scale robotic process automation

Raise your hand if you have deployed one or more robots in your operations. Good. Now raise your hand if you have deployed one hundred or more robots. Not there yet? No worry, as that is currently the … [Continue Reading]

Failure pays, but only if you learn and grow from it

Failure inherently is a negative word. But as entrepreneurs, scientists, and inventors around the world and throughout time know, failure has its benefits. For starters, the fact that you're … [Continue Reading]

Data-centric architecture – the platform to focus on the most treasured asset

The value proposition of global systems integrators (GSIs) has changed remarkably in the last 10 years. By 2010, it was the waning days of the so-called “your mess for less” (YMFL) business model. … [Continue Reading]

Data breach costs continue to soar

Propelled by rising amounts of data, business process digitization and regulatory fines, organizations' data breach costs are expected to soar from $3 trillion annually to more than $5 trillion by … [Continue Reading]

Not just great tech jobs, but great tech careers

There are a lot of good, high-paying technology jobs out there, and the number continues to grow -- even as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, and automation are taking over an … [Continue Reading]

Project Pacific: VMware’s new road from vSphere to the Kubernetes-based hybrid cloud

Many people use VMware's vSphere. How many? VMware claims there are over 70 million vSphere workloads running out there at any given time. That's a lot of people running mainline business applications … [Continue Reading]

The systems integrator’s changing role in a microservices world

By Paul Williams If there is one word that encapsulates what business wants from modern technology, it’s agility. And it is this thirst for agility that has heightened interest in microservices. … [Continue Reading]

Don’t use your data as a doorstop

Enterprises have access to more data than ever before, data that can provide valuable information about customers, markets, and business processes. Leveraged effectively, data (both structured and … [Continue Reading]

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