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Rethinking the way citizen services are designed

Most government IT solutions were created only with the intention of automating the back office and focusing on efficiency. Requirements were gathered from case workers and then converted into functionality. The resulting IT solution is entirely focused on the internal operating model. A similar approach has been taken with most government websites, which are often […]

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Facing data scientist shortage, organizations turn to ML automation and embedded analytics

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4 ways enterprises benefit from private wireless

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The latest from DXC’s Applied AI Studio: A chatbot to help remote workers de-stress

Lee, an online personal counselor, helps employees who struggle with feelings of mild anxiety or loneliness while working from home. Rather than cope alone, they talk with Lee to destress. “You’re … [Continue Reading]

10 ways insurers can — and should — adapt their business models now

The insurance industry is in the midst of a brutal stress test, due to the current environment. The loss of customers who become unemployed, already an issue, is likely to worsen. Some insurance … [Continue Reading]

The future of retail banking: Frictionless, personalized, cohesive

Following this year’s extraordinary events, our retail bank partners have been asking to rapidly implement contactless solutions that minimize touch points for customers. Current circumstances aside, … [Continue Reading]

Remote work requirement exposes the corporate digital divide

Like many others, my family and I have done our best to enjoy the unexpectedly large amount of time we have together at home due to social distancing guidelines. Adjusting to the new normal, we have … [Continue Reading]

Deploying digital capabilities in healthcare: Do more with what you’ve got

Pulse Series: As part of the 21st Century Series on Australian Healthcare, David Pare, CTO for DXC Healthcare and Life Sciences in Australia and New Zealand, will focus on news, start-ups and … [Continue Reading]

Driving operational excellence through automation in the utilities sector

At a time when energy commodity prices are at all-time lows, operational excellence has become a necessity for utilities to remain competitive. Tight profit margins combined with recent significant … [Continue Reading]

Eliminating toil in the cloud with NoOps automation

A wildlife videographer typically returns from a shoot with hundreds of gigabytes of raw video files on 512GB memory cards. It takes about 40 minutes to import the files into a desktop device, … [Continue Reading]

Why consumer education is needed in the digital insurance age

An explosion of technology innovation over the last several years has created digital-savvy consumers and digital-empowered employees. For the insurance sector, this has brought forth both new market … [Continue Reading]

Dell Technologies has named DXC Technology as a Titanium Black Partner. What does it mean for our customers?

I’m very excited and proud to announce that DXC Technology recently achieved Dell Technologies’ highest level of partner status - Titanium Black. Only 13 companies in Dell Technologies’ partner … [Continue Reading]

Survey data shows insurance consumers are clamoring for better digital experiences

The digital landscape is now so all-encompassing that most consumers expect a digital experience in everything they do. That’s certainly true when it comes to insurance, as evidenced by the findings … [Continue Reading]

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