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Artificial (Emotional) Intelligence

There seems to be enough debate about artificial intelligence without adding emotional baggage to it.  But that’s what is happening in the AI community. Emotion has entered as the latest characteristic of what many previously consider a “Spock-like” technology — it could beat you at chess despite not being able to fall in love with […]

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First AI came for the heavy metal musicians, and we did nothing

Whenever regular folks express concern about artificial intelligence (AI) and robots stealing their jobs, guys like this assure them that AI programs are likely to instead assume the role of bright … [Continue Reading]

Amazon joins the rush to Kubernetes

Was it really only just over a month ago that I wrote, "The only real question is not if AWS will also fully invest in Kubernetes now that Docker has taken the plunge but when? Why, yes, yes it was. … [Continue Reading]

DXC Cares: Eco Week in Bucharest

DXC’s Bucharest Center recently hosted an Eco Week event, the first edition of an annual program that aims to educate and sustain long-term eco-friendly behaviour among employees, through a week of … [Continue Reading]

Are you an Agile Servant Leader?

Building an Agile culture is more important than managing individual Agile projects because it sets the stage for the entire organization to be Agile. Scrum Masters, who lead Agile projects, are … [Continue Reading]

Change Management: Time to step it up

Has change management become a passé profession? In most large corporate organisations it is commonplace, but elsewhere it is still a misunderstood vocation that is yet to find a home. Some believe it … [Continue Reading]

Will 2018 be the tipping point for automation?

Technology adoption typically proceeds incrementally. As users accumulate, emerging products and services gain visibility and scale, creating more interest and demand. Eventually, if the vendor (or … [Continue Reading]

Having the right digital mindset

“Digital” is used as a title to cover the current business and computing era. Being “digital” is about having the right mindset. There is no magic course or exam that you can take that will pronounce … [Continue Reading]

Digital transformation is critical to the continued success of the London Insurance Market

Just a few years ago, the London Insurance Market became aware that it needed to transform in order to maintain its position as the definitive global hub of commercial insurance and specialty risk. … [Continue Reading]

OpenStack moves forward

In Sydney Australia, the OpenStack cloud crew gathered together at the OpenStack Summit to contemplate where they are today and where they're going tomorrow. First, OpenStack has continued to grow. … [Continue Reading]

2018: AI gets smarter and more practical

We all know AI is coming to the forefront of technology in the form of machine learning (ML) and deep neural networks, where AI can understand the surroundings and apply that information to the … [Continue Reading]

Decentralization is not the same as compartmentalization

I spent most of my career working in what I described as a “painfully decentralized company.” While many thought I was throwing shade at my previous chairman, I always regarded it as a compliment. … [Continue Reading]

Are you really Agile?

“Agile” is most definitely one of those words that is used liberally in sales brochures, delivery reports and, in fact, any form of communication that is attempting to show the reader that the team at … [Continue Reading]

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