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Bringing a bang to your serverless processes: Firecracker

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda‘s growing popularity is proof positive that serverless computing is for real. But wouldn’t it be nice if you had a better view of how Lamba’s function-as-a-service actually works? Or, better still, if Lambda’s inner workers were open-sourced so you could use them in your own serverless projects? Guess what? AWS […]

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Things to consider before spending on multi-cloud

The concept of multi-cloud is simple. You're running multiple business processes using more than one cloud. This isn't the same thing as hybrid cloud. With that model, you're coordinating business … [Continue Reading]

How ‘smart machinery access’ boosts heavy equipment health and safety

The concept of creating a “smart factory” by integrating IoT devices, digital twin technology, advanced data analytics and automation of the complete product lifecycle is gaining widespread … [Continue Reading]

Understanding the potential, challenges and use cases for real-world evidence

by Jared Kimble Efforts to properly understand and deploy real-world evidence (RWE) are under way across the life sciences industry. Regulatory authorities and companies are assessing how best to … [Continue Reading]

Hackathon seeks to highlight STEM and insurance to girls and young women

For years, women have been under-represented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses and occupations. Although more women are starting to work in STEM fields, the gender gap … [Continue Reading]

DXC Technology highlighting latest retail capabilities during NRF 2020

Reports of the retail industry’s imminent demise are widespread, not to mention incorrect. There’s no question the retail industry is transforming: New technology, evolving consumer behavior and … [Continue Reading]

Understanding Azure Databricks and resource groups

Azure Databricks, an Apache Spark-based analytics platform optimized for the Microsoft Azure cloud, is a highly effective open-source tool, but it automatically creates resource groups and workspaces … [Continue Reading]

All ready to grow up: Fostering AI’s growth in insurance

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has spread across the insurance value chain. In product development, it enables insurers to create more profitable and effective products based on … [Continue Reading]

The value of AI-driven data in the travel industry ecosystem will rise in 2020

Whether or not air and rail companies have ever thought of the data they collect as an “ecosystem,” they have long shared data -- from security information to passenger itinerary data -- with … [Continue Reading]

How 2020 trends will affect work in aerospace and defense

DXC Technology’s recent 2020 Technology Trends and the Future of Work makes it clear that technology will have a significant impact on the workplace in 2020. But how much of that applies to aerospace … [Continue Reading]

2019’s top five cloud stories

The cloud keeps getting bigger and ever more important to IT -- from the smallest business operating out of a closet powered by Office 365 or Google Docs to Fortune 500 companies running … [Continue Reading]

Keeping remote workers engaged and productive

When it comes to working remotely, most enterprise leaders and employees usually have pretty strong opinions that fall along familiar lines of argument. For example: Pro: Working remotely allows … [Continue Reading]

A look at NASA’s Future of Work study

NASA has a mandate to explore space. And, apparently, it also has time to ponder the future of work right here on Earth. Over the past year, the space agency has been publishing excerpts from its … [Continue Reading]

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