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AI is great, but greatly misunderstood

In the past year, I have been witness to many misunderstandings about artificial intelligence (AI), from both co-workers and clients. I was about to blog on the state of AI when I came across this HBR article, “The Business of Artificial Intelligence” by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew. I was so glad to find such a […]

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Is your chatbot from Mars or is your chatbot from Venus?

In his seminal work on communication across genders, John Gray enlightens men that when their wife or partner raises a problem that she had at work or with a friend, it may be best to just shut up and … [Continue Reading]

How programmatic technology is disrupting media

I bought My Little Pony books for my little nieces online years ago and ever since I’ve been saddled with a little pony fanatic label on many web sites. How do I make it stop!!?? Every day, … [Continue Reading]

The future of technology risk management: Agile and proactive

Managing enterprise technology always has been synonymous with managing change, which also is about managing risk. But never has change come as fast or as disruptively as over the past decade. And … [Continue Reading]

Change or die: 3 key characteristics of a “vibrant learning culture”

Enterprise employees are under a lot of pressure to anticipate what they need to do to flourish in the workplace of the future, especially since many jobs, specific job functions, and even entire … [Continue Reading]

Are we witnessing the death of the Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Reflecting on interactions with clients over the past few weeks, I realize our conversations no longer revolve around Service Level Agreements (SLAs). There was a point not too long ago that SLA … [Continue Reading]

The best (and worst!) career advice you’ll ever hear

Whether you're fresh out of college or staring at a mid-life crisis, making decisions about your career is stressful! With so many conflicting factors to consider, how can you possibly know if you are … [Continue Reading]

What are cloud regions and availability zones?

If you use a public cloud, you've used availability zones (AZ), but what are they really? How do they fit into regions anyway? Let's go over the basics. First, a region is not a data center. No, I … [Continue Reading]

How digitization makes it easier to leverage real-world evidence across the life sciences value chain

by Gireesh Gaonkar The life sciences value chain — from R&D to manufacturing to marketing and sales — has long battled with addressing the challenges presented by silos, a complex network of … [Continue Reading]

Ocean plastics: What’s the big deal?

More than 20 years since the Great Pacific Garbage Patch was first mapped in the waters between California and Japan, massive new islands of floating marine plastic continue to be discovered. The … [Continue Reading]

Why soft skills are not easy

The word “hard” can be the opposite of “soft” or the opposite of “easy.” It makes sense then that in many people's minds "soft skills" are seen as "easy skills." However, basic logic and high school … [Continue Reading]

Key to feedback: Recognising your achievements

I'm hoping a lot of you have been able to take your feedback and compliments a little to heart. And I'm hoping more of you have taken the plunge and asked your colleagues -- remote and office -- for … [Continue Reading]

How to reduce employee fears about artificial intelligence

Humans fear a seemingly endless list of things, but on the broadest level, what they fear most is the unknown. And one of the greatest fears throughout history is fear of new technology. There … [Continue Reading]

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