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The digital workplace: Making the magic happen

Globalization and the growth of the “outside-in” digital enterprise have thoroughly disrupted the workplace. The company-employee equation has changed dramatically, with the “task” becoming the primary focus. Collaboration happens intuitively and digitally across boundaries. As workers exercise more independence, taking jobs they’re truly interested in, businesses reduce traditional benefits and brick-and-mortar office space to free […]

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Your business skills are valuable to technology companies

For this post, I am sharing my space with Courtney Carr, a member of our new graduate program in Perth, Australia. Working with Courtney this year has given us confidence and courage to trust … [Continue Reading]

Robotic Process Automation: Statistics, business impact and future

Automation software is being used by businesses to reduce the costs of particular processes, specifically labor-intensive activities. Automation empowers people whose ideas, effort and focus make the … [Continue Reading]

The CIO becomes CEO of your technology business

The concept of running the enterprise IT office (ITO) as a business-within-a-business is not new. Back in the 1990s, several large organisations hived off their IT departments altogether as separate … [Continue Reading]

Google Analytics soon will be able to answer voice-based questions

Google Analytics is far and away the most widely used web traffic analytics tool in the world. Large publishing companies, online retailers, technology vendors, bloggers — really, anyone with an … [Continue Reading]

Pushing the boundaries of success in aerospace and defense

When I first arrived at DXC Technology, I had no comprehension of the size and magnitude of the company and all the different sectors that we had a hand in. With no exposure to many of the sectors, I … [Continue Reading]

F is for fitness trackers

This post is part of a continuing series, “Digital: from A to Z,” that explores what it means to be “digital” from A to Z, broken down into individual blog posts diving deeper into various … [Continue Reading]

Service design thinking: What?

This post is part 1 of a 3-part series. Amazon doesn’t have inventory, Uber owns no fleet, and Airbnb owns no rooms – yet they are the billion dollar companies of this decade. These companies have … [Continue Reading]

BitLocker in modern device management: Automating recovery key escrow

Security is a top priority in all enterprise IT teams. One important security requirement enterprises look to address is the protection of corporate data at rest on devices, and thus provide data … [Continue Reading]

Clinical and IT collaboration drive value-based care

It is no surprise that healthcare shares the same challenges as other industries' purchase and implementation challenges. The difference with healthcare is that the outcomes can literally be a matter … [Continue Reading]

Data lakes, hubs and warehouses — when to use what

Often in any “technical” field (and I use that term very loosely), it can be quite hard to differentiate between the facts and the fiction — the latter normally created either by over-zealous product … [Continue Reading]

A rant about corporate mission statements

There are precious few things in my career that I have learned to avoid more than mission statement meetings.  It always shocked me that people actually volunteered for them. It seemed to me that it … [Continue Reading]

Blah blah blockchain

Blockchain may be the hottest technology but it won’t change the world, at least not for government. The IT industry has been talking about blockchain in glowing terms for some time. Much of the … [Continue Reading]

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