Why mobile is a top priority for CMOs

Many enterprise marketing decision makers have been aggressively embracing emerging technologies such as data analytics because it provides insights into customers.

A recent survey from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and SAS shows that marketers increasingly recognize that mobile technology gives them a competitive advantage. Among marketers with “fully implemented” mobile strategies, nearly half (45%) say mobile is their top overall priority.

That’s because mobile technologies both improve the customer experience and generate valuable data that enable enterprises to fine-tune their marketing strategies, leading to more loyal customers and (hopefully) more sales down the road.

Three-quarters of the marketers surveyed said their enterprises have a mobile-optimized site, which provides a better online experience for smartphone and tablet users than a traditional website that’s been shrunken down to fit on a small screen.

Nearly two-thirds (66%) of respondents said they use mobile apps, which not only can offer customers flexibility and features often lacking in mobilized websites, but also can provide a wealth of data for marketers through information-gathering permissions granted by users as part of the installation process.

In fact, any kind of big data initiative designed to enhance customer insights and improve marketing would be crippled without comprehensive information generated from mobile website visits, mobile apps activity, mobile searches and geo-location data.

As enterprise marketers seek to extract more value from mobile technology, IT leaders should proactively work with chief marketing officers (CMO) to provide the mobile tools best suited for learning about customers and serving them in a highly personalized way. Otherwise marketers will resort to deploying rogue mobile technology without IT’s knowledge. This not only presents data security hazards, it also means your enterprise’s mobile initiative is not fully leveraging IT resources. A solid CIO-CMO mobile partnership can help enterprises avoid that fate.

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