Going Up?

Interactive Website Gives Application Modernization Efforts a Real Lift

By Mike G. Williams, General Manager, Application Modernization and Cloud, CSC

Digital_Briefing_CenterEveryone in business has surely heard the term “elevator speech” by now — a short, prepared speech that explains a particular idea clearly and concisely. It’s an ice breaker that will hopefully lead to a deeper conversation.

The name, of course, comes from the scenario of meeting someone important in an elevator, and having the opportunity to pitch your idea in the time span of an elevator ride. If the conversation is interesting, the dialogue could continue after the elevator ride.

At CSC, we’ve taken the idea of an elevator speech to a new level, with our Digital Briefing Center — an interactive online environment that brings our next-gen IT solutions to life. In CSC’s Digital Briefing Center, you can take a virtual elevator ride to several different “floors,” allowing you to explore conversations around five big topics: applications, mobility, cloud, big data and cybersecurity. You can take a general look at these solution areas, or delve specifically into manufacturing, insurance, healthcare or banking.

If you’d like to learn about creating a more agile IT estate, for instance, you might choose to explore CSC’s FuturEdge for Modernization. Or perhaps you want to learn more about how mobile application enablement can help you open new revenue streams, increase employee productivity and create a more connected business. Our goal is to help you create a custom briefing — according to your needs and interests — and provide a gateway to the information you’ll find most valuable, such as white papers, videos and Web content.

The area of application modernization is wide open, and we want to use our time with you wisely — as with an elevator speech — to give you just enough information about what is available and let you pursue the topics that interest you.

If you’re tackling application modernization in some form or another, we hope you’ll stop by CSC’s Digital Briefing Center. The only way to go is up.

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