Is the Marketing Cloud Crowding Out Enterprise IT ?


I guess the pundits felt it was time to create more indigestion in the CIO suite now that the infamous Gartner prediction that “by 2017 the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO” is so yesterday.

Now we have what the intelligence community would call a new “credible threat” to enterprise IT in the form of the myriad of Marketing Clouds being built by their legacy vendors. According to IDC this scorching hot marketing technology segment is predicted to show a spending increase from $20billion in 2014 to $32.4 billion in 2018.

The illusion created by these products may be that there is enough “implementation cloudiness” to give the CMO or other marketing-driven business units enough reason to keep enterprise IT as a technology safety net on these deployments. This convincing needs to be done while the Marketing Cloud vendors increasingly call directly on marketing organizations at the exclusion of IT.

Ironically I’ve been brought in by some of these vendors to help them finds ways to develop messaging for their sales people directed to enterprise IT and CIO’s. Even the vendors get anxious that their sales efforts might at times minimize the need for adult supervision from the IT organization, especially during the evaluative process.

While it is difficult to debate the CIO gripe that marketing underestimates the security, privacy and interoperability issues related to “clouds” of any kind; the fact is that marketing still views it simply as a giant intergalactic container that holds marketing stuff. In fact in most marketing organizations the Cloud has become so commoditized that it is taken for granted in marketing technology products.

Further compounding the problem is the sheer number of other social, mobile and analytics features found in Marketing Cloud products. This makes many CMO’s question whether the cloud technology piece cannot be better served within their own organization or through the Marketing Cloud vendor’s service/CaaS organization.

The challenge for CIO’s can be best visualized in the attached chart from IDC’s 2015 Strategic Framework for Marketing Technology.

If you’re an IT pro reading this blog and have concern about your future involvement in marketing technology and digital strategy initiatives, take the IDC chart and circle in red the boxes where you feel your organization is well branded enough to be involved in the eyes of marketing.

IDC 2015 Mktg Tech Map

Any best practices on CIO/CMO marketing cloud partnerships ?


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