Why Agile and DevOps fit like a hand in a glove

Around and around your software goes getting better with each circuit. -- Cisco.

Some things go great together. Bread and butter, baseball and spring, and Agile and DevOps. But since you can’t taste or easily watch Agile in DevOps, let me explain why they go together so well.

First, a quick refresher: DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers working together using Agile for IT services from their design to production support. It’s also not some special sauce you can just add to your company and suddenly everything IT will be better. If you think that simply embracing DevOps will magically make things better, you’re indulging in Cargo Cult behavior and you’ll get no-where.

If, however, you can get your programmers and your operators to work together with collaboration, communication and teamwork, you might just have something. That’s because cloud computing and virtualization make it easy to deploy Agile techniques. Development teams don’t have to wait for a physical server to become available; they can use virtual servers at any time.

This incredible power to bring up and try programs quickly and easily makes creating programs using Agile methods easier than ever.

It also enables just about anyone to try their hand at code. True, very few people are going to be great programmers, but the cloud makes it cheap for anyone to give it a try.

You save more than just the cost of physical servers with DevOps. Since you can set up major enterprise programs, such as Oracle Database 12c, in not much more time than it takes to read this article, everyone’s time is saved. Programmers, system administrators, system operators, you name the job, on the cloud all their jobs take far less time than ever before.

This also frees everyone to play with the technology. Got a wild and crazy idea you came up with on how to solve a problem in an Agile Scrum meeting? With the cloud, you can just do it. You don’t need to write it up. You don’t need to get management to sign off on it. You can just throw it on a virtual machine and see what happens.

Sure, often the off-the-wall idea won’t work, but sometimes it will. And sometimes, it’s that thinking outside the box that’s exactly what your project needs.

And, of course since Agile is all about continuous testing, integration and deployment, once your idea works, nutty or not, it’s easier to get it up and out there. This, in turn, should speed up your entire company. Now, not only do the end-users get their hands on the program earlier, you can take in their feedback and adjust your course far more quickly.

Put it all together and you have, when DevOps works well, not just a better functioning IT department, but a better performing company. And isn’t that what we all want?


  1. Just make sure after you spin up that VM that you shut it down when the job is complete instead of running through the weekend or you’ll hear from IT.


  2. hsmith50130 says:

    Metricated clouds can help here.


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