The key to getting employees to secure their mobile devices

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Ask just about any IT professional to name the biggest threat to enterprise network and data security, and they almost assuredly will say it’s their employees.

And for good reason. Until they are replaced by robots, enterprise employees will remain maddeningly human. They forget things, they cut corners, they don’t listen, they take chances (in fact, that robot workforce is sounding better and better!).

Give these flawed humans a mobile device containing valuable enterprise data, and you’re just asking for a security breach. They’ll refuse to use encryption, won’t bother setting access codes, and will leave their devices behind at restaurants and bars.

The truth is, you can’t change human nature. All you can do is educate employees about secure mobile practices and make security measures as simple as possible. It’s helpful when mobile device manufacturers provide simple and effective security features.

Apple does a great job of that with iOS, which is one reason why it remains the preferred mobile operating system in the enterprise. Google’s Android mobile OS has lagged in the security department despite the roll-out of new security features in KitKat and Lollipop and efforts Samsung to create an enterprise security platform for Android with KNOX.

There are a number of third-party Android security software tools available, but a new one featured in appears to understand that simplicity is the key to mobile security.

Qihoo 360 is the developer of 360 Security, a free app about which contributor James Martin writes, “for sheer ease of use, 360 Security stands out” among Android security apps:

“360 Security’s simple push-button interface may be a turnoff for some security geeks, but for everyone else, it makes using the app dead simple,” Martin writes.

And it’s the “everyone else” — mobile enterprise workers — you have to worry about. The simpler you can make it for people to secure their devices, the more likely they’re going to do it.


  1. Chris – good article but many corporates are still tied into Blackberry devices. IOS andAndroid are relaive newcomers. Does this software work on Blackberry? From looking at Google play 360 Security sounds like an antivrus package like many others. What features does this have that makes it stand out from say AVG, etc.? Thanks


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