Innovation Blocked by Implementation? You Need Agile IT as a Service

by Tad Kendall, General Manager – Americas, CSC Healthcare and Life Sciences

Rebalancing the future and the present

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Be honest, how much time and resources do you spend on inventing the future vs. managing the present? It’s a topic that comes up in more or less every conversation I have with healthcare providers, and it’s echoed when I talk to my CSC colleagues who are engaged with other industries. Balancing innovation against maintenance is a key topic for CIOs, and for most of them the balance is tipped the wrong way.

Industry analyst Gartner has coined the term “Bimodal IT” to describe the difference between operating the business and responding to uncertainty and change. It’s an idea that’s getting traction among forward-looking CIOs, as they deal with wave after wave of changing possibilities and expectations.

Recognizing the situation is one thing, dealing with it is much more challenging. CSC’s recent Global CIO Survey found that three-quarters of healthcare CIOs view optimization of key IT processes as critical or very important. This is reinforced by many of the CIOs I talk to, who suggest that much more than 50% of their resources is spent on operating the business. To be blunt, with so much to do to just keep the operation running, preparing for the future is a big ask.

So how do you break through and create a critical mass of innovation? There’s no easy way, but one thing that is key is focusing on the business model for delivering IT resources.

You may find the following scenario familiar. Your organization has a great idea for innovation, which involves bringing together multiple complex systems. Bringing it to production could make a real difference to care outcomes. The blue sky thinking is complete and it’s time to try it out. But the timescales and costs of deploying the multiple development and test environments needed become the most challenging parts of the project.

Innovation blocked by implementation.

If you could quickly spin up a DevOps platform, use it for as long as you need it, and pay only for what you used, would that help? And if you could then promote the new system to your production environment with the right cost/security profile? These are the kind of things CSC’s Agility Platform can do for you.

This is only one example, but it’s a telling one. There are ways of making your approach to IT more agile, more flexible and more cost-effective. In the struggle to rebalance the future and the present, new business models of IT could be one of your key allies.

For those of you visiting HIMSS15, looking for inspiration for your innovation, you should also consider how you break through the IT implementation roadblock.




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