8 People You’ll See at HIMSS15

by Lisa Pettigrew, Industry General Manager, Global Healthcare

Attending HIMSS15? The conference attracts all kinds of people from the healthcare industry. Here are some we look forward to seeing.

  • The newbie. Carrying many bags, frequently looking at registration materials, trying to be multiple places at once and by day two looking genuinely exhausted.
  • The veteran. Carrying a minimal amount of materials, seems to know the convention center as well as his own home, and looks as refreshed heading to the airport after the convention as he did when he got there.
  • The toy collector. This person stocks up on future stocking stuffers and birthday presents by taking absolutely everything that every vendor has to give. By the end of their time on the show floor it looks like they’ve just finished a shopping trip on the Miracle Mile.
  • The foodie. A variant on the toy collector, this person instead preys on the booths with food, knowing that when exhibitors have things like smoothie bars, candy stores, and barbecue grills, you don’t need to leave McCormick to get your grub on.
  • The social (media) butterfly. The person who REALLY wants to stand out on Twitter by live-tweeting every session they’re in. You’ll recognize these folks in your sessions as they never once glance up from their devices.
  • Exit strategist. We’ve all seen it at conferences – the last row fills up first. This is the person who sits in the back so they can exit early, get to the next session as fast as possible, and sit in the back there, too.
  • President. You’ll see folks lining up hours in advance to get into George W. Bush’s keynote. The scientific and information sessions are nice, but these folks are here to get close to fame.
  • Cubs fans. Wait, scratch that – you WON’T see these people. They’ll be at Wrigley as the Cubs host the Reds on April 13-15.

Visit CSC booth 631 at HIMSS15.


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