5 Problems All CIOs Have Experienced

By Tad Kendall, General Manager – Americas, CSC Healthcare and Life Sciences

It seems there’s never a dull moment for a healthcare CIO. You’ve got to ensure your current technology remains operable while keeping track of the latest trends and products. However, some problems are universal to all CIOs. Here are five that you can likely relate to:

  1. Security. Data security is the number one issue on the minds of CIOs, particularly as new data breaches such as those experienced by Target and Sony stay in the news. Budgets fall, risks increase, and CIOs stay up at night.
  2. ICD-10. CIOs want to illustrate that they’re forward-thinking about getting with the future (and, of course, regulatory compliance). With 5 months to go until ICD-10 implementation is complete, CIOs are spending time getting clinician buy-in and making sure their systems are up to speed.
  3. Mobility. A recent study noted that doctors have an average of 40 logins and passwords they must memorize (or at least keep securely on hand) to do their job. Many carry multiple mobile devices, and the internet of things has ensured more technology is computer-accessed. When it comes to blaming someone for too much technology, the CIO is usually where the buck stops. Thus, CIOs want to make the process as easy as possible for doctors, who of course want more quality time with patients.
  4. Transparency. While the CIO’s job is, of course, to secure patient data, they also want to create an environment where information and insight are readily available to their staff. Whereas CIOs of the past managed hierarchies, today they manage entire networks – both in the sense of people and the technology they utilize. The CIO needs to protect but enable access to key data (and being savvy on social media to reach employees never hurts).
  5. Customer Service. At the end of the day, a CIO’s business is customer-driven. Putting the customer first while considering the user experience is always at the forefront of a CIO’s mind, and the technology they bring to their company is the glue that holds everything together. Healthcare CIOs are the new “data doctors.”

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