We Were Right: High-fidelity PDF Renditions Matter to the Life Sciences

By Paul Attridge, Life Sciences Product Director, CSC

The verdict is in. High-fidelity rendering is mission-critical for life sciences companies: software companies that seemed to doubt this are now reversing their opinion.

During a Point-Counterpoint blog series with our partner Adlib, we both raised our concerns about software companies that had decided to change some of their background components and engines, and in so doing were reducing the quality of their PDF renditions.

We drew attention to the imperative of high-fidelity documents in a regulated space and the risk of submitting inaccurate or incomplete information to the health authorities with low-quality renditions.

As Adlib pointed out, while fidelity isn’t always visible to the naked eye, an apparently insignificant difference in the page margin can actually be quite detrimental to the business. That’s because if the regulators reject the document, it can take weeks and thousands of dollars to resubmit the content.

Product Reassessment

Not long ago, and after years of using the Adlib engine, EMC had decided to host Version 7 of their standard offering for rendition management (Advanced Document Transformation Services or ADTS) on an open source product. But they have recently reassessed this new product with respect to Life Sciences rendition quality requirements and decided that it does not meet those clients’ needs, so they plan to recommend the Adlib PDF Enterprise product instead. EMC will continue to sell the ADTS product to customers with less stringent requirements.

This is a noteworthy decision and demonstrates that high-fidelity rendering does indeed matter. Adlib and EMC will be releasing more information about the Life Sciences rendering platform soon, and will host a webinar on the subject.

Meanwhile, CSC is proud to say that we have been working with Adlib for many years with our products, and we continue to maintain that Adlib has been the pre-eminent vendor of PDF rendition software for the past 10 years.

In the coming weeks, you can expect to hear more from Adlib, and you can be assured that CSC will be working alongside our partner now and into the future.


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