5 Ways HIT Innovation Is Helping Patient Care

By Dr. Robert Wah, CSC Chief Medical Officer and President of the AMA

While it’s fun to delve into the many new technologies that HIMSS15 will show us, at the end of the day we simply want HIT to improve interactions between physicians and patients. Here are the six key ways HIT has improved patient care:

  1. Increased patient collaboration: HIT is giving patients the chance to weigh in on their own healthcare, and providing a much better way to communicate with their physicians. Allowing them to take a more active role in their own care leads to better outcomes.
  1. Transparency: Since patients increasingly have more access to their own records, they can spot things and ask questions beyond the office visit.
  1. Telehealth: The patient doesn’t necessarily need to come to the office for consults; wearable technology is ensuring that physicians can assist patients from across the globe.
  1. Crunching data to offer a better diagnosis and treatment: Sometimes you need help seeing the big picture. HIT is increasingly taking multiple factors and putting them together to offer information that the physician may not have considered.
  2. Linking doctors with each other: In addition to better connections to patients, HIT increases the ability of providers to collaborate and work together for better patient care. Future technologies, such as the internet of DNA, will increase collaboration.





  1. A group of researchers from Czech Republic led a study in which they investigated importance companies give to innovation in relation to globalization of market in which they occur.


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