Got an enterprise mobile strategy? Great! Now you’ll need a new one.

Far-sighted enterprises began developing mobile strategies years ago because 1) they knew mobile was permanent, and 2) the alternative was chaos and competitive disadvantage.

Good for them. Now, though, they’ll have to re-examine and possible entirely revamp their enterprise’s mobile strategy to accommodate a new generation of wireless devices and uses.

That was the topic of one panel discussion at the recent Interop in Las Vegas, TechTarget reports. With the roll-out of the Internet of Things, millions of devices, objects and appliances will be able to transmit and receive data wirelessly. That alone will create huge infrastructure burdens that will challenge the capacity of legacy systems.

The new era of enterprise wireless will rely on cloud computing and open APIs, ensuring scalability, agility, flexibility and compatibility.

Vivek Shaiva, CIO of La Quinta Inn and Suites, told the audience, “Make sure your systems can talk to these devices. If it’s not designed for mobile from scratch, I don’t want to look at it. If it’s not built from scratch in the last seven or eight years, I don’t want to look at that either.”

Fellow panelist Evan Maloney, a principal software engineer at New York-based online retailer Gilt Groupe, told the crowd the very definition of mobile is becoming harder to pin down, TechTarget reports. “We talk a lot about mobile versus non-mobile today, but it’s actually going to become a lot more diffused in the future,” he said.

If your enterprise still doesn’t have a coherent mobile strategy, addressing the infrastructure needs of the next era of wireless will be that much more difficult. And chaos and competitive disadvantage will remain the alternatives. It’s your choice.

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