Why energy reduction is good news for customers

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CSC will be rolling out ISO5001 to data centers in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia in 2015

Data centers play a key role in our global economy and understandably, security and continuity of service are usually top of the list of a customer’s core requirements. However,  increasingly, energy efficiency is also making it into the frequently asked questions.

I caught up with Stephen Brown who leads our Critical Environments in EMEA and APAC to ask what he thought about this trend.

Stephen: “It’s a trend that’s most definitely here to stay. The cost of fossil fuel based electricity is rising, national targets and legislation are driving a focus on carbon reduction and there’s increasing pressure from NGOs for companies to be transparent about their impacts.

In addition, a lot of companies have also made their own commitments to responsible and sustainable business practices, so applying this ethos throughout their supply chain is a natural next step.”

Paula: “As we discussed in a previous post, our data centers account for 60 percent of CSC’s emissions, so what can be done to reduce their energy footprint?”

Stephen: “Cooling is the biggest challenge in any data center, but as technology improves, it can operate at higher temperatures without any loss of efficiency or performance. With this in mind, we’ve recently increased the temperatures in our data centers in line with the new ASHRAE guidelines and reduced energy consumption by 15 percent in the process.”

Paula: “Our Kent data centers recently achieved ISO50001, the international standard for energy management systems, how has this been received by customers?”

Stephen: “It’s been really well received. ISO50001 is a great tool for CSC. It commits us to a program of ongoing energy reduction and performance improvement the results of which are then independently audited. So not only are we making continual improvements, we’re also having our results verified which gives customers added reassurance. Having achieved it also marks CSC out as an industry leader which is something we know our customers value.”

Paula: “I know achieving the standard was a huge undertaking that involved numerous teams. Now that you’ve achieved it, is it time for a rest?”

Stephen: [laughs] “Absolutely not! We’re planning on rolling out ISO50001 to our data centers in Malaysia and Hong Kong by the end of June and Australia by November, so we’ll not be resting on our laurels any time soon.”

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