Effective enterprise mobile apps development requires these 3 things

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As mobile devices become a permanent part of enterprise IT and communications infrastructure, organizations increasingly seek to develop their own mobile applications for employees, customers and partners.

However, the shortage of talented mobile developers makes it difficult for many enterprises to create and sustain an effective mobile apps development program.

Computing’s Tim Lock lays out several elements he considers essential to successful enterprise mobile apps development in this article. The following three arguably are the most important ingredients for mobile apps development in the enterprise.

1. Agile talent. Mobile apps development requires an entirely different skill set and mindset than enterprise apps development. Mobile development is all about working fast and with little or no supervision. If your current developers aren’t suited for such an environment, you’re going to have to find people who are. Good luck.

2. Frictionless process. While nothing is totally frictionless, a productive mobile apps development program will not burden the development process with meetings, ongoing cost and budget second-guessing or interminable testing. There’s no room in a “fast-fail-forward” environment for bureaucracy and paralysis by committee.

3. Customer focus. In the mobile and BYOD world, Lock writes, developers must build “solutions that target specific customer needs. They must focus on what clients want and need, not just what IT can offer. Old-style legacy systems often drive the processes and functions used in the business.”  If an enterprise allows that to happen today, it can expect dissatisfied users to employ rogue mobile apps which could introduce security threats.

By choosing the right talent, creating a smooth process, and focusing on the needs of the user, enterprises will have the right framework in place for their mobile apps development programs to succeed.


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