A brighter future for London’s youth

Futureversity students gathered around a table, working on laptops

Volunteer project lead, Tanya Savini with Futureversity students

In the UK, youth unemployment is at its highest rate for 20 years. Around 1-in-5 young people in the UK is not in work, education or training and youth unemployment costs the economy £10 million a day in lost productivity.

But it’s not just a problem for the here and now. A host of academic research suggests that the effects of youth unemployment can lead to reduced life chances, lower pay and even mental health issues in later life.

In November, CSC launched a partnership with Futureversity, a London-based charity that provides free courses and activities for 11-25 year olds to help them develop the skills and, critically, the self-belief they need to make the most of their lives.

A partnership approach

The charity was awarded $20,000 from the CSC Charitable Foundation with an additional £6,000 of funding to spend on much-needed IT equipment thanks to a collaboration with SCC, our IT provider.

As valuable however, is the time CSC employees volunteer to support the charity’s Job Ready program. Running over 9 weeks, the program uses workshops, role plays and interactive challenges to help young people develop the skills employers are looking for.

CSC’s Tanya Savini, herself a volunteer, leads the program. She said, “Our volunteers are supporting Job Ready by delivering workshops, providing coaching and hosting mock interviews. But our consultants have also been able to help with advice on course development and IT infrastructure.”


CSC volunteer Emily Mills, got involved because of her belief that everyone should have the same life opportunities, regardless of background. She said, “The most rewarding thing is seeing the young people smile with pride when they realize that yes, they can do this.”

It’s a feeling echoed by fellow volunteer, Sam Gent, “It’s worth every minute when you see the students confidence growing. It’s fantastic to know that you’ve been part of their journey.”

For CSC the rewards are clear. Not only do our people get a huge amount out of the volunteering experience, including the opportunity to hone their own skills, but as a company, we also play an active part in developing the next generation. A win-win all round.


  1. It’s a wonderful gesture, an opportunity to learn new skills aimed at developing technology skills can go a long way in securing their future. I hope CSC takes more initiatives to keep helping the youth!


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