Getting employees to use your enterprise mobile apps

Mobile applications have the power to help transform a business, but only if employees use them. Unfortunately, many enterprises develop mobile apps that are greeted by workers with a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

Before running out to hire a motivational coach, you might want to consider that the problem may not be with your employees’ attitudes, but with your mobile apps.

Modern workers, particularly millennials, have strong preferences about their apps’ functions, design and interface. An app that is too difficult to use because it’s too complex, too confusing or too slow is an app that won’t be used.

Over at Business 2 Community, writer Sean Grace highlights four steps enterprises can take to “gain buy-in for your mobile app from day one.”

For starters, the app has to integrate with business management software. To turbo-charge your business, an app needs to connect to business-critical data. Mobile users want and need apps that can access information they need to do the important parts of their job.

Second, mobile apps are different than desktop apps, which can be complex and include a lot of functions. That model doesn’t work for mobile, though, because of the small screens. Instead, users prefer mobile apps with a simple design and function.

Third, merely migrating a desktop app to a mobile platform won’t excite anybody because mobile devices can do so much more than a PC. As Sean writes, “Use the camera, the GPS, accelerometer bluetooth, voice control, NFC, and much more to deliver a unique and useful experience based on what users need when they are in the field.”

Finally, communicate the point and importance of the app to employees by not just explaining, but by showing them how the app is used. It also is smart to roll out the app to a small group first to get some positive experiences that will encourage other workers to engage the app.

Employees who are confident that a mobile app will make them more effective workers will make a point of using that app. Design the app with their needs in mind, train them how to use it, and then let them do their jobs.

Are you getting buy-in from your employees for your mobile apps?


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