4 steps toward securely jump-starting a mobile initiative

There are a number of perceived obstacles standing between many enterprises and a mobility program. While concerns about security and costs tend to top the list of mobile barriers, the sheer scope of a mobility initiative also can dissuade some CIOs and other enterprise decision-makers from taking the plunge.

But the advantages of enterprise mobility are real, and if an organization stands on the sidelines because of security and/or project scope while competitors climb aboard the mobile train, it risks falling behind (or worse).

Fortunately, there are ways for enterprises to safely quick-start a mobile initiative. Enterprise Apps Tech highlights four steps IT pros can take to transform their mobile dreams into reality.

Go MFA. No, that doesn’t mean acquiring a master’s degree in fine arts, though that would be admirable and enviable. It means making a real commitment to safeguarding enterprise resources through the use of multi-factor authentication — no exceptions. This will make the prospect of employees accessing data and applications via their mobile devices less frightening.

Simplify credentialing. Many employees + many tools to access = Help desk nightmares. To cut down on the hassle and the management costs, Enterprise Apps Tech writes, “let your professionals manage a single credential set per user for all enterprise resources, using a single identity provider model.”

Keep up with compliance. Authentication tools that can support the wide variety of resources your employees need to do their jobs will provide you with the visibility into access events across the enterprise. As with multi-factor authentication, enterprise-wide transparency will boost confidence in your ability to deploy mobile while meeting compliance and auditing requirements.

Make it easy for employees. Not easy as in “unsecure,” but easy as in establishing a single enterprise identity that enables workers to log in once and be able to access all the resources they need to do their jobs.

Are these suggestions enough to allow an enterprise to safely join the mobile revolution? What other measures should they take?

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