Is Android finally penetrating the enterprise market?

Apple’s dominant position in the enterprise mobility market is rapidly eroding.

The latest quarterly enterprise mobile report from Good Technology shows iOS ceding considerable ground in device activations, falling to 64 percent in the second quarter from 70 percent just one quarter earlier. Android activations, meanwhile, climbed to 32 percent in Q2 from 26 percent in the first quarter of the year.

Remember, these are changes from the previous quarter, not the year-ago quarter. Also remember that iOS at one point had 92 percent of the enterprise mobile market, according to Good.

Most of the decline in iOS activations during the second quarter comes from the tablet market, where iPads plummeted to 64 percent from 81 percent, losing share to Android — up to 25 percent from 15 percent — and (get ready for it!) Microsoft, whose Surface devices pushed Redmond’s share of tablet activations in Q2 to 11 percent from 4 percent.

Further, in some industries Android is achieving parity. Good Technology’s quarterly report shows Android with 53 percent of Q2 tablet activations among high-tech customers, 48 percent of energy companies, and 42 percent of manufacturers.

There’s something happening here, indeed. But what is it? Well, in the first quarter the device with the largest percentage of activations (26 percent) was the iPhone 6. Perhaps those huge phones (particularly the iPhone 6 Plus) are acting as tablet substitutes for some Apple-loyal enterprise workers.

Or it simply could be that Android manufacturers (Samsung, really) are seeing results from pounding the rock.

Are you noticing a shift in your enterprise’s mobile device mix? Is the Android surge for real? And are you prepared to support three mobile OSes (including Windows)?

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