Do we spend enough time celebrating success?

The corporate year is filled with milestones; budget and strategy rounds, board meetings and ratings submissions to name but a few, but for me, nothing is more rewarding than the publication of our annual CR and sustainability report.

Immersed in setting and delivering CSC’s CR strategy day-to-day, the report is a wonderful opportunity to take a moment to step back, view the activity as a whole and really appreciate its scale and impact.

Writing the report is always a team effort and we’ve certainly got a lot to be proud of. We’ve made significant strides in our energy program, reducing our absolute energy use by 15 percent against our 2012 baseline and surpassing our original 10 percent reduction target in just two years.

Challenging new targets

On the back of this success we’ve created a new, three-year global environmental strategy for our data centers and offices. We’ve also set ourselves challenging new energy and e-waste reduction targets so that we can continue to drive efficiencies and further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Engaging and enabling the next generation of scientists and engineers remains a key priority for us, which is why last year, we increased our investment in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs to 42 percent via the CSC Charitable Foundation. Our employees have also been inspiring young people by leading foundation programs such as the IT Olympics for robotics.

Employees making a difference

Whether its raising money for great causes or volunteering their valuable time, CSC colleagues make a significant contribution. For example, in the U.K, our team not only won first place in the annual Corporate Games sporting event, but also raised $21,000 for a children’s charity.

In Australia, our employees, clients and partners continue a long tradition of participation in charity cycling events by riding hundreds of miles for worthy causes. In the annual Sydney
to Wollongong ride, CSC’s 58 strong team of cyclists raised more than AU$20,000
for multiple sclerosis research.

So as I reflect on the achievements of 2015, I want to say a huge thank you to my CSC colleagues. It’s their commitment and dedication that means that the principles of responsible and sustainable business are now woven into our business. We can all celebrate that.

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