Does your enterprise have the DevOps skills for agile mobile development?

Mobile application developers remain in great demand among enterprises, a new TechValidate survey shows, with 50 percent of responding organizations saying they plan to fill mobile positions this year.

No surprise, really; the next phase of enterprise mobile is going to be about customization as organizations seek to more effectively leverage the data, flexibility and agility benefits derived from well-designed mobile apps.

There’s an almost even split between demand for front-end development (32 percent) and back-end integration (27 percent) skills among enterprises seeking to hire mobile talent, followed by DevOps for mobile (15 percent), experience with the Internet of Things (13 percent), mobile project management (9 percent), and experience with wearables (3 percent).

The breadth of demand for mobile apps development talent suggested by the survey is impressive. But while all of the roles listed above are important, you can make a persuasive argument that the enterprises focusing on finding DevOps for mobile talent are following the shrewdest mobile development strategy.

DevOps is a software development method based on a set of tools and a culture (or mindset) geared toward agile and lean operations. Enterprises deploying DevOps report numerous benefits, including faster deployment of apps, increased collaboration, greater use of apps by employees and customers, and improved apps quality and performance.

In the mobile space, every one of those benefits is absolutely essential, so it’s easy to understand why far-sighted enterprises view DevOps as key to winning the mobile battle. But the fight to acquire DevOps mobile development skills is just beginning and should be fierce.

Is your enterprise seeking mobile developers with DevOps credentials? If so, are they hard to find?


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