Intel bets big on Mirantis and OpenStack

Mirantis, a pure-play open-source cloud company, has landed both another $100 million investment and a partnership with Intel.

The stock market may be going crazy, but Intel is still backing open-source and the cloud by leading a $100 million investment in the OpenStack company Mirantis.

This, by the way, is the second $100 million that venture capitalists have invested in Mirantis within the last year. By itself, that was the largest Series B round in open-source history. With this second huge influx of cash, Mirantis is the most successful open-source company ever in raising cash.

Intel’s not the only one that believes in Mirantis and OpenStack. New investor Goldman Sachs and existing investors August Capital, Insight Venture Partners, Ericsson, Sapphire Ventures (formerly SAP Ventures), and WestSummit Capital also backed Intel’s play.

Intel isn’t just contributing cash. The chip giant is partnering with Mirantis.

“Our investment in Mirantis is the next step in bringing open cloud infrastructure to the entire industry as part of Intel’s ‘Cloud for All’ initiative,” said Diane Bryant, Intel’s senior vice president and general manager of its Data Center Group, in a statement. “As enterprises embrace public, private and hybrid cloud strategies, they need choices in their infrastructure software. OpenStack is an ideal open solution for cloud-native applications and services, and our collaboration with Mirantis is well placed to ensure the delivery of critical new enterprise features helping to create tens of thousands of clouds.”

Together, Intel and Mirantis will work on improving OpenStack’s performance at scale, storage, network integration and big data support.

“With Intel as our partner, we’ll show the world that open design, open development and open licensing is the future of cloud infrastructure software. Mirantis’ goal is to make OpenStack the best way to deliver cloud software, surpassing any proprietary solutions,” said Alex Freedland, co-founder and president of Mirantis, in a statement.

Mirantis is far from the only company trying to ride OpenStack to cloud domination. Canonical, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM Rackspace, and Red Hat are all betting that OpenStack will become the dominant cloud hybrid and private cloud architecture.

If they’re right, the question then will be, “Which companies will rule the OpenStack cloud?” Intel and Mirantis want their names to be the answer.

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