Using analytics to improve IT operations

Enterprise decision makers typically have turned to big data and analytics to help accomplish certain business goals, such as growing revenue, acquiring more customers, and reducing operating costs.

But the increasing complexity of networks and data centers make IT an ideal candidate for a data analytics initiative. After all, given that enterprises rely on IT to support and enable the business, it only makes sense that IT operations be run as efficiently as possible.

In a DataInformed post on using big data analytics to upgrade IT operations, contributor Sasha Gilenson writes, “A typical organization’s IT environment produces terabytes of data, comprising everything from system metrics, change records, log events, and a variety of other operational data types. It is possible to get extremely extensive raw data describing the current state and history of an IT environment. The challenge is being able to use this data and make it actionable.”

Which is where IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) comes in. A TechValidate survey on behalf of ITOA platform vendor ExtraHop illustrates the many ways IT pros are using or planning to use data to help them run their networks and data centers:

  • Application performance monitoring
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Root-cause analysis
  • IT security (detection and forensics)
  • Capacity planning and management
  • Change and configuration
  • IT-driven business analytics

That covers a lot of ground. Enterprises using data analytics to improve application performance will have more productive employees and happier customers. Network performance analytics can help IT optimize the flow of data traffic, even during peak periods. Analytics will enable IT to more rapidly identify the cause of performance problems. And right down the line.

If you think of IT and the data center as the engine of an enterprise, using operational analytics is a way of keeping that engine permanently fine-tuned and ready to perform at peak efficiency.

Is your enterprise applying operational analytics to IT? How is it working out?

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