Human Characteristics Authentication – is one touch enough?

We are living in a world where authentication using facial or fingerprint recognition is alive and well and other forms of recognition will soon be in play. I work for a company, CSC, who provides multiple forms of human characteristic recognition i.e. facial, finger/thumb, voice, retina, plus others, and it’s available right now which made me think of the numerous use cases where this type of authentication would work.

As an ex-smoker (never to go back) I remember being able to buy cigarettes under the age of 18 from numerous shops/off licenses/stores/supermarkets without a hint of question or concern. Same with alcohol actually as me and my mates used to drink cider around the back of the youth club (sorry mum). I’m sure some of you did the same and I’m pretty sure it continues today with our youth still able to buy what they need under age without real question.

So here’s my thinking – what if you could only buy cigarettes and alcohol using multiple human biometric authentication conditions i.e. you had to scan your thumb/finger whilst having your retina scanned? Surely this is the only way to ensure that a young person is buying these products at the right age, i.e. the legal age.  If human authentication was the ONLY way to purchase these products at any store, any vending machine, in any pub etc, then the only way that is left for an under age person to get their hands on these products would be to ask an older friend to buy some for them.  That is an avenue I don’t think we’ll ever manage to stop but in the meantime we can do our best to ensure that we block off every other route to market that has in the past been too easy for them.

Multiple human biometric authentication could also be used in a transactional way for example, what if you needed to nip to the supermarket but forgot your purse/wallet?  If you could still head to the store, purchase your items, but transact through your phone using a virtual wallet already set up, that would be handy right? It’s already being done you might say. Well what if the only way you could use your phone to purchase was with the complete security of knowing that for the transaction to go through, you will be asked to look into your phone so that it can recognise your face and retina, whilst talking into your phone for voice recognition, and finally just to make 100% sure it’s you, you scan your fingerprint.  All done within seconds of accessing the payment app which sits on your phone as part of the stores own website or mobile app which you’ve already got access to.  Not only would this mean that forgetting your purse/wallet is no longer a problem but now you also know that if you lose your phone and someone tries to purchase through it, they won’t be able to do so unless they’ve also stolen your finger, eye, face and voice lol.  Funny but true.

Biometrics is the future, we already know that, but multiple human character biometrics is definitely the future as the more secure the better using items of us that cannot be copied!!

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