Too many enterprises lack clear mobile strategies

Many enterprises are talking the mobile talk but not walking the mobile walk, according to survey results from  workspace management software vendor Matrix42.

“There is a lack of clarity when it comes to enterprise mobility strategy in IT departments,” Matrix42 said in a statement. “Additionally, there is a gap between what companies intend to do and their actions in addressing this important infrastructure issue.”

Among the survey’s findings:

  • Less than half of organizations said they had a clear enterprise mobility strategy
  • Almost a third of organizations lack an enterprise mobility management solution, even as planned budgets for mobility projects are increasing
  • Most respondents believe increased productivity is a key advantage of increased investment in mobile technology

It’s almost mind-boggling that enterprise decision makers are so confident mobile technology can increase productivity and are willing to spend even more on mobility — yet some of them haven’t worked out a mobile strategy!

Deploying a technology without first justifying it strategically is a fast road to wasting money and losing ground to competitors. To avoid this costly fate, IT leaders and enterprise decision makers must determine together how mobile can further the goals of the business. (Indeed, every enterprise technology decision should be based on the imperatives of the business.)

Once it’s clear what the business goals are, IT can map a strategy that allows mobile technology to enable those objectives. This means establishing policies and procedures, figuring out who will need mobile-device support, which type of devices will be used, who will own and control the data on devices, how much security will be required, and which apps will be allowed (and might need to be built). It means accommodating the preferences of employees for using their own devices and apps, and learning from the shadow IT implementations workers fall back on when IT isn’t serving their needs.

Without a firm mobile strategy, enterprise IT will be in the position of reacting to user problems and needs without the benefit of a business context. It’s a classic case of ready-fire-aim, and is a recipe for wasting time, money and resources. Your enterprise mobile initiative deserves better.

Does your enterprise have a coherent and well-defined mobile strategy?

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