How Our Life Sciences Strategy Puts Clients at the Center and Reinforces Commitment to Best-of-Breed Solutions

The opportunity to spend time with clients at our annual Client Conference is an enormous privilege. The conversations I had there reinforced for me the importance of the activities we support for our life sciences products and services clients, and reminded me why life sciences is a key business for DXC.

Since the Client Conference, we have been hard at work ensuring we have all the building blocks in place to deliver on the promises we set out.

 businessEngaging with Clients

One of my objectives for the Conference was to remind clients of DXC’s long-term involvement in life sciences products and services and our continuing commitment to the business. I also wanted to share our vision for the future and set out a new roadmap for success, which includes our digital regulatory information management (RIM) products and services. Most importantly, though, the event was about client engagement.

DXC’s relationship with our life sciences clients has to be about partnership. If we are to continue to be successful, we must listen to what clients need from us to help their businesses grow. Our Client Advisory Board, for example, provides an open and honest forum for developing, defining and communicating the DXC strategy for life sciences, and to gather intelligence and opinions that enable us to learn what we need to do in order to serve the market thoroughly and effectively.

I am pleased that our life sciences clients continue to demonstrate their trust in DXC through their long-term relationships with us. DXC has been involved in the life sciences business for 20 years, and I believe our clients value our expertise, and our willingness to listen and adapt to their business needs. We are, in turn, responding to your trust with a clear commitment to the future.

Strategy for the Future

Our life sciences strategy is, of course, centered around client needs and the delivery of relevant, specialized products and services. Setting out our software roadmap was a particularly important objective during the Conference.

Clients need to be able to plan, and it’s vital for them to know what to expect from us and when. Clearly, RIM is a central requirement for the life sciences industry and is a core element of what we do. We have established an approach around Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) and how we’ll help clients respond to this significant set of standards. We also talked about how to approach a move to the Cloud, which is on the agenda for many clients.

A strategy has to be wider than a set of products and services though. We describe our approach as having three pillars: the client engagement, which I’ve already talked about, partnership, and delivery excellence.

So What’s New?

Partnership is integral to our belief in collaborative best practices and is best demonstrated by our alliances with other service providers, which extend the value proposition and solutions platforms available to our clients. Over the past year we have been building increasingly strong relationships with a number of key partners – who are industry leaders in their own right – to give our customers more compelling end-to-end capabilities. This enables our clients to go to one place to get all the solutions they need.

Delivery excellence is where all of this comes together to provide a great experience for our clients. Fundamental to this is the dedicated group of people who design, build and deliver our services. It’s easy to say that people are a key asset, but it’s equally true. We have undertaken a significant change program in our life sciences organization. As always, change is difficult, but I’m confident that we are building a better, more effective team.

Our strategy – from solutions, to partnerships, to personnel – reinforces our commitment to help our life sciences clients manage the problems and challenges they face now and in the future.

On behalf of all of us who serve the life sciences industry in DXC, I want to say we look forward to our continuing engagement with you and to sharing our vision in greater detail over the months ahead.

Gurdip Singh is vice president and general manager, responsible for the development and delivery of software products and business services for DXC’s Healthcare industry group. His primary skills include program leadership, operational business management and business transformation.

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