The 6 most in-demand data analytics skills of 2016

Data skills in data science

The demand for enterprise professionals with data analytics skills continues to grow, as does the competition for top analytics talent. Data analytics, though, comes in many flavors and derivations, which means some specialties and skill sets are more in demand than others.

Data analytics platform and services vendor CrowdFlower just conducted an interesting analysis of LinkedIn job postings for data analytics professionals. The company reviewed about 3,500 relevant job openings from the online networking site for professionals.

“We looked at postings for data scientists and analysts at every level – from intern to associate to senior to VP – then asked our contributors to visit each posting and note which common skills were present in each,” writes CrowdFlower’s Justin Tenuto.

You can see the results in the chart below.


As you can see, if your expertise is Strata or HTML, finding an analytics gig might pose a slight challenge. But data analytics professionals who know their way around SQL, Hadoop, Python, Java, R and Hive are looking at a pretty hot job market.

Since data analytics skills generally are in high demand, enterprises also must be prepared to pay top dollar for the best talent, whatever the specialty. Given the value that can be extracted from data with the right tools, talent and strategy, it’s no wonder so many enterprises are allocating more of their budget dollars toward analytics. After all, if they don’t, their competitors will.

What are the data analytics skills most in demand in your enterprise? And why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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