The high-paying tech career you definitely want to consider now

(Editor’s note: This blog originally published on Oct. 9, 2015. Over the next weeks, CSC Blogs will be highlighting top content from the past year.)

If you’re a data scientist, I have great news. But if you’re looking to hire a data scientist, what you read here will only depress you.

A salary survey of predictive analytics professionals “finds that the rising data science tide lifts the compensation of all other data analytics professionals,” writes Forbes contributor Gil Press, who adds this (literal) kicker: “even if they don’t know how to code.”

First, some definitions: The study by executive recruiting firm Burtch Works describes predictive analytics professionals as “those who can ‘apply sophisticated quantitative skills to data describing transactions, interactions or other behaviors of people to derive insights and prescribe actions,'” Press writes. Data scientists, meanwhile, are “a subset of this group — they have the ‘computer science skills necessary to acquire and clean or transform unstructured or continuously streaming data, regardless of its format, size, or source.’”

Now for some scary numbers (or exciting ones, depending on which side of the table you sit on). If you want to hire a manager to run a team of 10 or more data scientists, the median salary you’ll be paying is $250,000. For managers of large predictive analytics teams, that median figure is $235,000.

Let’s say your big data team is smaller. Getting a manager to direct one to three data scientists will cost an average of $140,500 in annual salary; a predictive analytics manager directing a similarly small team will pull down $125,500.

As for members of your data analytics team, they’re no bargain either. Data scientists with a decade or more of experience average base salaries of $150,000, while equally experienced predictive analytics pros average $125,000 in annual pay.

How about someone fresh out of college, with little or no experience? A green data scientist still will cost an average of $91,000. But here’s a bargain: Predictive analytics newbies (0 to 3 years experience) have average base salaries of $76,000.

Time for a career change?



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