Enterprise mobility leaders face challenges, opportunities in 2016

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Governance and compliance issues will continue to be the most significant pain points for the mobile enterprise this year, according to a new report by Enterprise Mobility Exchange, a global online community providing educational resources and solutions for enterprise mobility professionals.

“Growing digital data regulations in various sectors, such as health care and government, mean that companies have to be sure they know exactly where their data is stored, who is transferring it, and what the level of encryption is for all of their content,” writes report author David Krebs, vice president of enterprise mobility and connected devices at VDC Research. “Due to the rapid pace of change in regulatory and technology arenas, implementing stricter mobile data security is a critical requirement.”

Which shouldn’t come as a surprise to IT pros struggling to meet ever-evolving mobile security needs in the face of employee indifference to even the most basic best practices for securing mobile devices and data, such as using passwords or encryption or activating remote lock and wipe features on their devices in case they’re lost or stolen.

Now that mobile device penetration is near saturation, Krebs writes, “enterprises are shifting their strategies towards creating greater value from and enhancing their applications.”

One way they’re accomplishing that is by focusing “on the integration of mobile applications with backend applications creating opportunities for more flexible enterprise backend services,” he writes. That trend should accelerate as enterprises realize they can increase productivity and efficiency by fully leveraging mobile technology and data with the data center and backend services.

That too is a challenge, but the payoff can be phenomenal in what increasingly is being called the “app economy” — which really means the mobile app economy.

What are your enterprise’s biggest mobile challenges of the new year?



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  1. Obviously the future is indeed bright with the mobility factor. Thanks for the info.


  2. Good article. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Very nice blog


  4. Compliance issues still top the chart here. I think the ever-changing data regulations pose as the biggest challenge today.


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