‘Top Trends’ is the top Town Hall

We’ve done a lot of CSC Town Halls since we started the program more than three years ago. Many of the Town Halls are intentionally geared toward smaller audiences, where we are reaching out directly and personally to a small subset of CSC’s client base. At the other end of the spectrum are the blockbusters.

Our most recent Town Hall was the biggest blockbuster of all, with more live viewers than any other we’ve held in those three years.

The topic was “Top Technology Trends of 2016,” which is a topic that in itself is going to appeal to a wide audience. The basis for the talk was a successful article on CSC.com predicting what would be important in 2016.

The speakers were also a big draw. CSC CTO Dan Hushon spoke at a similar Town Hall last year, and did his usual great job of laying out the issues that matter to enterprises. Jerry Overton of CSC’s ResearchNetwork has published widely on data science (including in his own blog), and is a talented speaker as well.

The conversation started with the over-arching trend toward contextualized information in enterprises, and quickly moved to all of the ramifications of that trend.

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