Modern applications for a software-driven world

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Today, nearly every industry is a software industry. Nearly every company is a software company. And nearly every manager is a manager of software.

Insurance companies find their business is quickly moving online. Healthcare providers are being challenged by new websites. Banks are under pressure to respond as consumers quickly shift to online and mobile applications. Entire disciplines are being transformed by software, too, including sales, marketing and HR.

“If you go to bed as an industrial company,” Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, recently told an industry conference, “you’re going to wake up as a software company.”

Driving these industry-wide transformations is a modern approach to building and delivering software. In contrast to yesterday’s systems, today’s modern applications are far more flexible and scalable and more rapidly updated.

Organizations that ignore the benefits of modern software do so at their own peril. They can find themselves slow to innovate, lagging on important cloud and mobile initiatives and spending far too much on IT operations that merely “keep the lights on.”

The API Economy

By contrast, business leaders are fully participating in what some have called the API economy. While APIs (short for Application Programming Interfaces) are sets of technical routines, protocols and tools, they have huge implications for business.

By enabling services on older applications, APIs improve an organization’s access to its information. APIs also strengthen an organization’s control — without requiring fundamental modification of the older software. This democratizes access to information; it also empowers applications to form deep, value-creating links.

Modern applications also help businesses transform their technical estate in three important ways: faster time to market, native cloud support and smaller release granularity.

Modern applications are not the destination. Instead, they’re part of the journey to continuous delivery of new data in response to changing business conditions. That’s a benefit every manager in every industry can enjoy.

Read more in this position paper, Digital Applications: The Key to Releasing Your Business’ Full Potential.

This paper is part of the Journey to the Digital Enterprise paper series.

Wilhelm-CSCRick Wilhelm is vice president of development and delivery for global insurance at DXC. Rick is responsible for product engineering, customer delivery, and Business Process Services technology for DXC’s insurance products and services. Rick and his globally distributed team are using agile and DevOps practices to transition the insurance portfolio to cloud-based, as-a-service delivery models.




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