Following the Sun: Why India Makes Sense as Part of a Full BPS Offering

Speed, accuracy and cost containment. That’s what it’s all about when it comes to handling publishing submissions. We all know the long and arduous journey life sciences companies go through to go from concept to finalized product. The last thing companies want is more hold ups in getting their submission in front of the authorities.

For those reasons, life sciences companies turn to their outsourcing partners to provide scale, expertise and around-the-clock operations. For many years now, we’ve being helping our clients meet those goals by leveraging our global resources across the United States, Europe and also Tianjin, China. Now we’re taking it even further.

To get the most from the equation of scale + speed + systems, we’ve launched a new site in Hyderabad, India with a tightly knit team of experienced, highly educated professionals who have been trained in our processes and are ready to hit the ground running.

Why India, Why Now?

India is a major hub for the life sciences industry, and in fact, DXC already has IT and human resource support services in Hyderabad, so this is a logical extension for us and our clients.

We’ve taken the experience we have gained building a BPS offering in Tianjin, and put in place similar capabilities in India. There are a number of reasons why this makes sense.

First, as companies wade through increased demands from the authorities (e.g., changing regulations, the requirement for more data to support a submission, etc.), having a partner that has the flexibility and scale to assure tight deadlines can be met is invaluable.

Second, a partner with India-based BPS capabilities as part of a global offering enables companies to follow the sun. On a time zone of GMT+5.30 hours, India has a couple of hours overlap with the U.S. east coast, more than half a day overlap with Europe, and a six or seven hour working day overlap with China (GMT+8). With the U.S. west coast enjoying a couple of hours overlap with China later in the U.S. day, a partner with offices in India, China, Europe and across the United States really is 24/7.

Third, cost efficiency is hugely important to the industry and the India expansion gives companies access to more resources that will help them cut the cost of managing their submissions.

A Sneak Preview of the Team

Building a new team in a new market requires a combination of infrastructure, skill set and market expertise that are not easy to find.  When looking at a provider’s entry into a new market, clients should know who will be supporting their submissions. They want to be assured that the team is made up of experienced and accomplished individuals whose backgrounds are truly relevant – for example, those who have worked in regulatory publishing at major life sciences or other BPS providers.  In other words, these should be your peers.

Another fundamental is the team’s knowledge of the publishing and submission tools, their insight into what clients need and the vendor’s commitment to training. These factors ensure that a team can be quickly integrated into the whole business and work alongside other global teams.

The combination of flexibility, cost reduction and around-the-clock support is vital to companies today. BPS vendors who can support that with real, on-the-ground commitment allow companies to achieve the speed and scale they require.

Bringing India online is just one part of our ongoing and expanded BPS capabilities and over the next few months we’ll be talking more about what makes what we do special and how we differentiate ourselves. In our next blog, we’ll talk to you more about quality and how to recognize it. In the meantime, we welcome your questions and feedback about our new Hyderabad services.

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