eHealth Optimization: Three Questions Chief Innovation Officers Should Ask Themselves

In looking to maximize the value of their organization’s eHealth investment and provide a platform for new models of care, innovative CIOs need to ask themselves three straightforward questions.

By Jim Kuhn, Health Industry Strategist

Here they are:

  • Are our IT systems effectively integrated, allowing patient information to flow around a connected healthcare ecosystem?
  • Have we looked at our EHR and ERP systems with a view to liberating and contextualizing the patient information we hold?
  • What are we doing to drive digital transformation in the way we identify, collect and use patient data?

These questions reflect one of the key IT trends to watch in 2016, set out by CSC’s CIO, Dan Hushon. Dan says: “CIOs partner to bring information into context” and there can be no area of activity where accurate information, delivered in context, is more important than healthcare.

Dan goes on to say, “IT is learning to think in business terms and ask questions such as, ‘How will we differentiate?’ and ‘How will we grow our top line and bottom line?’.” Underpinning this is a shifting emphasis in the role of the CIO as they take on the task of partnering with the business to drive information and technology value. As the owner of an organization’s information and technology, the CIO is uniquely positioned to lead the development of digital business innovations.

shutterstock_59435395 croppedThere’s a direct read across here for healthcare organizations. The premise might be better stated as “IT is learning to think in clinical terms and ask questions such as ‘How will we exploit medical advances’ and ‘How will we engage and support the patients in improving their health and outcomes’.” Undeniably though, the move to bring information into context is pivotal to achieving clinical relevance and business value from existing eHealth investments.

Putting in place actions to address each of these three questions forms the basis of an eHealth Optimization program, one of the elements of CSC’s Agile Health approach.



  1. steve edison says:

    good article jim


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