Track these 3 metrics to stay on top of your mobile initiative

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Once a mobility program is launched and the benefits begin to be clear, it’s easy for enterprise IT professionals to slip into maintenance mode, satisfied that the network is relatively stable, that apps are being deployed and that their mobile efforts appear to be paying off.

This kind of complacency can be damaging and even dangerous. By neglecting to optimize mobile technologies and IT processes surrounding them, IT runs the risk of delivering under-performing services at best and, at worst, inviting prolonged outages, angry customers and possible mobile data loss.

Here are a few metrics that can help provide clarity into how well an enterprise mobile initiative is operating. These come courtesy of Mark Lorion at EnterpriseAppsTech:

App user experiences

How and when do users engage with your mobile apps? What variables and factors promote or deter adoption?

“Understanding how many users have downloaded an app, the roles of users who are adopting apps, where they are located and whether they encountered any snags in the download process can help administrators to identify and act on any download issues that need to be resolved,” Lorion writes.

Actual adoption

Downloading an app does not a user make. Unfortunately, Lorion says, nearly half of enterprises lack the ability to determine which of their apps are being used, while fewer than half can tell which apps specific users are deploying or how frequently apps are being used. Transparency at the ground level is essential to getting an accurate read on real-world mobile apps use — a prime indicator of mobile apps effectiveness.

The bigger picture

Mobile developers and other IT pros must be aware of larger consumer trends regarding apps preferences, Lorion argues. “Understanding the features and functionality that consumers are gravitating towards with recent consumer apps that have been released can be used to guide administrators as to the elements that end users will find attractive in enterprise apps,” he writes.

Lorion has several other suggestions for IT to keep their mobile initiatives on track, but the bottom line is that metrics providing a realistic picture of the apps experience from the end user’s perspective are invaluable quality-control tools. The key is to collect them and understand what they’re telling you.

What are the key mobile metrics used in your enterprise?


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