Meet a new voice on IoT and the data explosion

Greg Kawasaki on CSC Blogs

IOT: Machine to machine at scale.

Think about it: Thousands of sensor/response interaction points for just one instance. Welcome to the explosion of data. Welcome to the ultimate “deer in headlights.”

A couple of years ago it used to be simple, in the sense of what was to be accomplished. Take for example the management of smart meters. As capabilities and simulations grew, it became more of a problem to handle the data than to handle the meters.

IoT opens up so many potential access injection points. Edge security is no longer the only place for security; it is an end-to-end problem. Enterprises must secure the store at the edge, secure end-to-end transmissions and back-end security. IoT security at the edge has another often-overlooked problem: lifecycle and indeterminate connection capability. How do you manage systems and services over massive generational divides? Current IoT assumes connectivity, which is not necessarily the case (The electric service providers have been dealing with this for years).

Over the coming weeks in this space, I will discuss multiple topics: The first IoT and its impact on IT, social media and an outside-the-box view of potential. I will share some practical implementations, including a conversation I had with Gene Kim of the Phoenix Project on how to manage end-point survival when you cannot get there to replace it.

I will be answering questions I often get and discussing topics such as “rest API” and how to handle security. Join me in this IoT discussion.

Editor’s Note: Greg brings a new voice and perspective to CSC Blogs on the topic of IoT. For more of our great IoT coverage, check out these related links.

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