DXC Agility Platform 10.1.1 released

DXC has recently released Agility Platform 10.1.1.

With this release, we provide several improvements and enhancements based on requests from customers. At a high level, the release contains an update for WinRM Attachment repository support, improvements for Distributed Node Operations, as well as a new feature around Project Creation.

It is important to note that the Aglity Platform is leveraged within several DXC offerings, including DXC Hybrid Cloud and DXC BizCloud. These offerings follow a separate schedule and will be updating to 10.1.1 as soon as reasonably possible.

New features

An exciting new feature is our Project Creation wizard. The new wizard streamlines the process for creating projects by consolidating all of the common tasks to a dialog that flows through the process.   At at a high level, the wizard allows users to create a new project from scratch, as well as to create a project based on an existing template. It prompts for the location of the Project and even brings up the custom properties to be edited. Below is a sneak preview of some of the new Project Creation Wizard.Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.25.13 AM



Throughout the year, underlying technologies that the Agility Platform integrates with have updated versions released to the market. When this occurs, our teams recertify the two technologies working together. For this release, we certified the Agility Platform to run on Java 8.

Other improvements include our Distributed Node Operations, where we improved scalability and performance. Please review the Release Notes on the FTP site additional details on the enhancements, currency and specific defects addressed within this release.

For our customers that run the Agility Platform within their own Data Center, if you would like to download version 10.1.1, please reach out to support for details. For customers who leverage the Agility Platform within other DXC offerings such as DXC BizCloud, Hyper Converge, etc., please work with your regular DXC team members to discuss plans.

– Tobin


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