Four Ways to Achieve eHealth Optimization

Reducing complexity among disparate IT systems may seem like a daunting task for your organization, but is a necessary component of transformational change. Optimization of core applications will allow organizations to transition focus from maintaining legacy applications to accelerating innovation, adopting new models of care and discovering next-generation technologies.

Here are four ways to achieve eHealth Optimization:

1. Improve Maintainability

Organization application portfolios are becoming complex and streamlining IT assets is imperative. As systems are added and upgraded, challenges such supporting legacy applications must be assessed. This may lead to a right-sizing of your applications portfolio. Once it’s properly sized for your business, you’ll improve operational efficiency and lower your total cost of ownership.

2. Transform Existing Applications

Unlock the full potential of your applications to drive operational improvement and cost savings. Current applications can be modernized by leveraging mobility, cybersecurity, social media analytics and secure-cloud solutions.

3. Integrate Legacy Data into Clinical Workflows

When transitioning from a legacy system to a new application, it’s crucial to consider how historical data will integrate back into clinical workflows. Consider a real-time clinical data archival solution that puts data contextually into a clinician’s workflow instead of the data store to be queried separately.

4. Empower IT staff

Transitioning management of legacy systems to a trusted partner allows your staff to shift their focus from day-to-day maintenance to innovation.

Effectively managing your application portfolio requires an understanding of the complexities and constraints. eHealth Optimization can help your organization transform its applications portfolio and unlock its full potential to drive operational improvement and cost savings, as well as enable staff to focus on delivering innovation and business value.

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