Does your enterprise know how to talk SMAC?


Enterprise technologies tend to spawn acronyms. Mobile computing has been particularly fertile in that regard, giving us BYOD, BYOA, MDM, MAM and EMM, just for starters.

Here’s another one we can add to the list: SMAC, which stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud. As CIOReview contributor (and ServicePower Technologies CIO) Simon Cooper explains in a recent column, these four familiar items represent “the convergence of devices, sensors, apps, cloud services and analytics” that Gartner refers to as the “Nexus of Forces.” (Was that Gartner or Marvel?)

While your enterprise may be using all of the elements above, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re being fully and effectively leveraged for your business. In his column, Cooper lays out what he considers to be the “critical features of a true SMAC.” Not surprisingly, these features are all about enabling productivity and performance.

To be a true SMAC shop, Cooper writes, enterprises must:

Support all devices — If IT fully supports iOS devices but not Android (or even Windows) mobile devices, some workers will have problems sharing and accessing data. In the field, this translates into lack of productivity.

Provide a consistent experience “regardless of connection” — Mobile employees can’t always access the best connections. But they still have to do their jobs. IT must ensure devices and apps are fully functional in the field, no matter the bandwidth constraints.

Eliminate walls — Devices must be able to integrate and share data to allow employees to collaborate, customers to interact and complete transactions, and problems to be solved.

Keep it real (time) — Employees, customers and business partners are used to digital-age speed. They need to know facts and information now.

Attain full visibility — Just as it’s important to offer real-time information and data to mobile users, IT must have total and immediate visibility into the performance of mobile devices, apps, and services.

Naturally, all of this has to be accomplished while providing full security for mobile devices and data, while keeping within a tight budget. But the alternative is to risk having your mobile initiative under-perform, putting you in jeopardy of getting a SMAC-down from competitors.


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