Growing your skills in the digital age

As companies consume the latest digital technologies and solutions to drive their businesses forward across today’s demanding marketplaces, the skills needed to support this direction is changing at an accelerating pace.

This is creating a compelling event for employees to become “Double Deep” in their skills, continuing with their core skills, but also learning other skills and roles, bringing new skills and innovation into the workplace.

skills 1

Consumerisation of skills has been made possible by vendors making free courses available through online universities and academies to MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Course) providing free training. Certification of skills still attracts a fee, however the range of certifications has grown inline with the Digital Landscape to prove the skills you have learnt.

The Digital Landscape presents numerous development areas to increase your skills. The diagram below illustrates a few of the key areas:

skills 2

One of the big trends of the Digital Enterprise are APIs (Application Programming Interface) — linking new to old and new to new applications, enabling integration and transforming from legacy to cloud, mobile and software-defined environments. This needs a level of knowledge around languages such as Python, Java and C#.

As Marc Andreessen said back in 2011, “Software is eating the world.” The Digital Landscape is certainly proving this statement true through the Apps rEvolution and Software Defined.

The Apps rEvolution is driving:

  • Apps Experience – Engagement and context matter.
  • Apps Everywhere – Computers are everywhere and apps run everything.
  • Apps DNA – New software choices and architectures redefine development.
  • Apps Platforms – Apps platforms simplify development, management and distribution.
  • Apps Economy – Apps are the front end to the digital future.

Software Defined is driving:

  • Networks
  • Data Centres
  • Infrastructure
  • As a Service economy
  • Things as software
  • Internet of Things

For me, working as an Architect has helped provide a valuable insight across the growth in the portfolio of skills needed for creating, supporting and innovating the Digital Enterprise. This is a great time to grow your skills.

If you haven’t already started the path to become a Double-Deep Employee, start by learning a new language, learn to programme or learn a new skill and put it into practice.

If you are already on the Double-Deep Employee path, continue to learn new skills and expand on what you have learnt so far.

What skill will you learn today?

CSC has recently published a series of white papers on the Journey to the Digital Enterprise which can be found at


max-hemingwayMax Hemingway joined CSC in 2008 (28 years industry experience) and has worked on many projects including Cloud and Cloud Orchestration. Working as an Account Chief Architect on a major account, he is also a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Chartered IT Professional. Max lives with his family in the United Kingdom.


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