The business benefits of the modern platform

Agility Platform update

Advances in platform technology are helping organizations make strides toward longstanding goals of agility, simplicity and cost savings.

By Christopher Keller, Senior Technology Architect, CSC

The transformation of platforms from complex and expensive stacks of hardware into flexible computing resources represents a major step forward in business agility. Given the ability to provision their own computing resources, business units will be less tempted to turn to shadow IT. Complexity and scope of the IT estate is greatly reduced, and, with consistent control and governance policies applied, security is significantly improved.

In addition, there are several ways the modern platform translates into significant cost savings for the enterprise. To begin with, infrastructure is highly commoditized and much less expensive than specialized high-performance hardware used in traditional architectures. Licensing costs are significantly reduced through the use of open-source products.

Another important consideration is the fact that hyper-converged computing resources can be obtained as a service, which means they can be scaled to fit business needs on an ongoing basis. There’s no need to purchase more than what’s required to meet a potential spike in demand.

And, when all of these elements are added up, there’s a final benefit. The reduced infrastructure complexity translates into reduced maintenance costs.

A comprehensive look at how digital can power forward the enterprise:

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Keller_croppedChristopher Keller is a senior technology architect at CSC, jiu-jitsu practitioner and proud father to one boy and too many dogs.



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