Solving your data analytics needs through freelancers

I’ve written a lot about the challenges facing enterprises in finding top-flight data analytics talent and how they are trying to compensate. Here are just a few posts:

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SmartDataCollective contributor Ari Amster suggests another potential solution for smaller and mid-sized organizations. While employing a full-time data analyst or investing in analytics tools may (or may not) be options for SMBs, Amster writes, “Small businesses would be best served by hiring freelance big data experts.”

Amster cites several advantages to going the freelance route. First, the flexibility afforded SMBs hiring only on a project basis saves money. This is critical to cash-strapped businesses that may not be able to afford keeping a full-time data science expert on board, particularly if the company may not always have active analytics projects.

Second, by using freelancers, SMBs can pursue candidates with skills specific to a project. “Hiring based on the project means a smarter use of limited resources,” Amster writes. “This added flexibility also leads to choosing data experts based off of their individual talents.”

Finally, opting for a freelancer analytics strategy helps SMBs streamline the arduous and time-consuming process of recruiting, interviewing and hiring full-time workers.

“For small businesses, HR departments already have plenty of responsibilities and pressures to go along with limited time,” Amster writes. “Freelance employees are much easier to hire, and with the rise of virtual marketplaces where big data experts can promote their skills, hiring one makes even less work for HR to deal with.”

What’s your enterprise’s strategy for meeting its data analytics needs? If it’s going with freelancers, how has it been working out? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. yes i am fully agree through this post and this topic because freelancers are great on his works and they become freelancer’s because they have knowledge about freelancing and fields , if they have not knowledge they dint call freelancers ,they called beginners so,if you want to hire freelancer this a great choice


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