#NationalApprenticeWeek: Meet our team

In recognition of National Apprentice Week, we’re profiling several CSC apprentices. Meet Amy Slater below, and find links to other apprentice stories at bottom.


I started my apprenticeship in June 2015 where I started a 6 week bootcamp at amy slater3AAA’s training academy in Manchester. Here I met everybody else who had started at the same time, each at different stages of their lives, some coming straight from school or college and some from full time jobs, and from there, we were all about to start the same journey.

I had just managed to get onto the apprenticeship programme, being 23, and after having worked in a beauty salon and then travelling abroad for 6 months, I decided an apprenticeship was the best path for me to go down as I wanted to totally change my career, learn something new and earn money at the same time!

After the six weeks at 3AAA’s, we then started at CSC in Chorley, this was a completely new experience as I had never worked in an office before and had only ever worked for local businesses in the past. Coming into a global business has been a great opportunity, having contact with people all over the world in places such as Australia, America and India and also being able to visit other CSC offices in the UK such as the Chesterfield office and Kings Cross in London.

Being an apprentice in CSC is a great way to start in the business as you get to experience different roles over the 18 months. This has allowed me to get a better understanding of the company, meet a lot of interesting people and has helped to build up my confidence. My next role will be a technical role which I have never experienced before, this should help me understand the basics of a technical role and will open up more doors for the future.

Within my apprenticeship so far, I have taken on tasks of my own, been trusted to take over and update documents and projects, amy slater 1had many other training opportunities, had the chance to get involved in other activities including charity work, presented to a global leader and much much more.

Overall, my apprenticeship so far has been great. Even though I have the apprentice title, I believe I have never been treated any differently to the rest of my team by other colleagues. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds at CSC and where our group of apprentices will be in within the company in years to come.


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