Introducing Charlotte Desoer – National Apprentice Week

8 months ago, I had just finished my first year at college and joined CSC’s IT Apprenticeship.  Other than working part time in a restaurant, this was my first experience of work life and coming from an academic environment straight to a working environment was a big change and learning curve for me, but I found everyone at CSC to be welcoming and approachable.

Since joining CSC, I have developed a better knowledge of the company and its organisational structure. I have had the opportunity to work within two very teams already within the Global Infrastructure Services organisation providing me with a better understanding of the different sections of the company.

One of the teams is responsible for demand and capacity planning where I produced detailed reports and based on engineer workload, availability and productivity.  Here I improved my understanding of Microsoft Excel and have completed online courses provided by CSC to develop my skills.  I was also the first point of contact for the “engagement process” where colleagues from outside the organisation could request resource to assist with service requests and projects etc.  Within this role I built on my technical knowledge as I was receiving requests which ranged from building a server to increasing the storage on a shared network drive etc.  In this role I also got familiar with using CSC’s Global Resource Management tool and ServiceNow system which are used to record and request work.

I have recently moved to the Queue Management team where I have been telephoning customers based on incidents they had raised. This has been very interesting as previously I wasn’t aware of the range of IT faults logged and resolved by CSC’s Remote Resolution Team, which could include software errors or email faults to name just a few.  Speaking to customers directly has improved my confidence as previously I would have favoured sending an email rather than having a telephone conversation.  I have also greatly improved my communication skills and my technical knowledge.

Moving forward with CSC is something I’m looking forward to as there is already a plan for me to move to CSC’s Service Management team to assist with Order and Asset management.  This is something completely different than what I do now so I am looking forward to learning more and taking on the new responsibilities.

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