Introducing Nadir Sheikh – National Apprentice Week

“My time at CSC so far has been great; I have had the chance to learn a lot from my CSC mentors and team colleagues. At the start of the apprenticeship I was keen to get stuck into some really exciting technical work, but I had to await security clearance, which comes with the territory for support some of the UK’s largest defense companies.  Since then I have been working as part of the Cloud team which is full of great people who are happy to help me.

Since joining CSC I have greatly improved my Cloud knowledge and I have grown in confidence.  I can work support the resolution of high profile major incidents affecting our customers.  My day to day tasks include completing daily backup reports and on behalf of the team I present any issues on the Daily Service Review. I also monitor ticketing systems to make sure the outstanding volume is low and assigned to engineers as well as resolving incidents myself.  That isn’t all, I also monitor every vBlock to make sure that they are not reporting issues. Every week I create a Capacity Report which is sent to all the Management Team and Client Delivery Team.

Since I started with CSC have been made to feel welcome and have not been treated like an “Apprentice” by the more experienced members of the team, but instead I have been treated as an equal. I look forward to my future at CSC and hope that I grow as an individual throughout the company.” – Nadir Sheikh

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