Enterprise mobile: The biggest opportunities (and challenges)

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A recent global survey of mobile executives reveals that applications development has been the top mobile investment priority in their enterprises.

The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: 2016,” published by Enterprise Mobility Exchange, asked 300 mobile leaders about how they’re spending their mobile dollars, what expectations they have for mobile technology in their organizations, and the top obstacles to effective implementation.

The survey shows that 60.8% of respondents cite apps development as their leading area of mobile investment over the past 12 to 18 months, followed by:

  • Mobile and enterprise security (44.6%)
  • Mobile connectivity (44.6%)
  • Mobile device management (43.8%)
  • BYOD (36.2%)
  • Mobile apps testing (35.4%)

And what are these enterprise mobile leaders hoping to get from their mobile dollars? Quite a few things, beginning with increased productivity (74.6%) as well as:

  • Improved customer service (63.8%)
  • Improved operational efficiency (60.8%)
  • Lower costs (39.2%)
  • To remain competitive (35.4%)
  • Increase profitability (33.8%)
  • Streamline operations (33.8%)

But as any IT professional knows, little comes easy in the enterprise world, and that includes implementing an effective mobile initiative. The respondents listed a number of challenges to their enterprise mobile efforts, with “integrating with legacy systems” grabbing the top slot with 47.7%. Other challenges include:

  • Securing stakeholder buy-in (38.5%)
  • Change management (38.5%)
  • Budget limitations (33.1%)
  • Alignment with different technology providers (26.9%)
  • Security (26.9%)

Finally, the Enterprise Mobility Exchange survey asked respondents “to share what they would do differently with the experience they have gained through lessons learned.” These are the top responses:

  • Think big, but start smaller
  • Creating islands of mobile technology is useful but not transformational. Integrating mobile apps with operating systems is where the transformational power lies.
  • Ensure business unit accountability and responsibility
  • Find the balance between security and user experience
  • Improve vendor management and relations

There’s some really good advice in there. Has your enterprise learned any of these mobile lessons?


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