National Security Archive releases “Cyber Vault”

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Do you have an interest in cybersecurity history, cyberwar and hacking? Then the newly created Cyber Vault is probably right up your alley. Launched yesterday, the Cyber Vault website is a store of cybersecurity-themed papers from cybersecurity organizations and U.S. and foreign agencies.

The “Cyber Library,” as the National Security Archive calls it, contains all primary-source documents. The archive says it will add new documents on a regular basis.

The archive hopes to make it easier for researchers, practitioners, teachers and commentators to find documents related to various aspects of cyber activity, including hacking and relevant defenses, cyber intelligence and cyberwar, with this portal.

“The growing prominence of cyber activity as a global security concern with tangible effects on everyday lives has given rise to the production of a vast amount of documentation by governments and private industry. The Cyber Vault will serve as a centralized repository for key parts of the documentary record on this critical topic,” the archive said, in a statement.

The site will be directed by Jeffrey T. Richelson, an intelligence and national security expert. Funding has been provided by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

I enjoyed poking around a little yesterday, finding a number of documents that discussed the hacking capabilities of various governments, and an unclassified document from 1979 that tackled the operating system vulnerabilities at the time.

The document, “Computer Operating System Vulnerabilities,” Cryptolog, VI, 3 (March 1979), unclassified, appeared in a classified NSA journal and explores seven common computer operating system vulnerabilities, several penetration techniques, defensive measures and future research areas, for that time period.

What did I learn from that 37-year-old document? The more things change the more they stay the same when it comes to hardening operating systems.

If these sort of things interest you as much as they do me, you ought to consider taking a few minutes and poking around the Cyber Vault search function yourself.


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