2 big data trends that may impact your enterprise

Machine Learning and Big Data CSC Blogs

If technology is about anything, it’s about change. New technologies offer enterprises opportunities to become more efficient and more profitable.

Knowing which technologies to embrace — and how to embrace them — can keep IT decision makers up late at night, especially when CEOs are counting on technology to transform their businesses.

Many enterprises already are leveraging data analytics, while others still are trying to get their heads around what analytics can do for them. But whether you’re an early adopter or a technology laggard, by staying aware of where technologies are headed and what they can offer, you can focus your goals and strategies.

Over at The Next Web, contributor Don Basile outlines several “huge” trends in big data and storage. One of the main trends impacting big data is machine learning. Basile writes:

Machine learning — algorithms that enable computers to learn from experiences over time — will continue to grow. This will be an incredibly useful tool in data preparation and predictive analysis. Be on the lookout for the rise of deep neural nets (DNNs), a type of advanced machine learning that uses sets of algorithms to model complex nonlinear relationships – meaning machines that can perceive the world around them.

No doubt it will be a short step from there to the enslavement of humans by machines. Such is the price of technological progress! But until then, machine learning may prove quite useful in generating predictive data for enterprises.

Another trend Basile discusses is the simplification of big data discovery and analytical tools, which will allow line-of-business workers to generate insights without having to be fancy data scientists. “Making the interpretation of big data more inclusive to average users will make it indispensable for businesses looking to learn from user behavior,” Basile writes.

Certainly there will be a learning curve for line of business workers to analyze data effectively, but as I’ve noted before, enterprises can only benefit by making their employees more data-savvy.

Is your enterprise employing machine learning? And does it have simple data analytics tools for LOB users?


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