Beyond apps: The future of mobile

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The changing expectations of consumers will drive enterprises to go beyond their focus on mobile apps to a more comprehensive, holistic approach, according to a new Forrester Research report.

Released on Monday, “The Future of Mobile: From App Silos to Open Ecosystems urges enterprises to revamp their mobile strategies to be even more consumer-oriented, reports InformationWeek contributor Thomas Claburn:

“Today, most companies focus on which apps they need to build to solve a challenge,” said Forrester analyst and report co-author Michael Facemire, in a phone interview with InformationWeek. “What consumers are going to want is for you to solve their problem.”

While mobile apps can accomplish a number of amazing things for users, they also can have serious limitations. For example, some mobile apps may not be able to access data or services from other apps, different mobile platforms, Internet of Things sensors, or cloud services. The open ecosystems Forrester references in the report’s title can enable apps to communicate and share data and services in real-time, creating a powerful synergy of mobile services.

Theoretically, at least. Some enterprises and mobile apps developers may prefer to rely on APIs and middleware — rather than open technologies — to enable data and services sharing. Further, as Claburn writes, “creating connections between services adds complexity that isn’t easily dealt with by service providers.”

And that’s really the crux of the challenge for mobile developers and service providers: How to build and deploy complex apps that are simple to use.

Do you agree with Forrester that mobile technology will become “less of a standalone channel and more of an actor — often the central choreographer — in [a] broader connected ecosystem?” Let us know in the comments section below.


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