Share this with your CIO: Big data and analytics success stories

Big data and analytics successes

There was a time when IT security was the topic most likely to keep CIOs up at night. Now security must compete with a host of other IT issues that have become priorities and imperatives. These include aligning IT with business goals, enabling enterprise agility and flexibility, integrating emerging technologies with legacy IT infrastructure, establishing effective and scalable data management and leveraging big data and analytics to gain new insights into markets, customers, operations, employee efficiency and much more.

Indeed, that last one (big data and analytics) arguably holds the key to the long-term success of an enterprise as analytics extract value from existing assets (data). And those data assets are growing exponentially due to the Internet, social media, mobile devices, apps and the Internet of Things.

But data analytics initiatives can be daunting. Many enterprises don’t know where to begin. They either haven’t sufficiently defined a business goal or problem to focus efforts on, or they lack the in-house expertise necessary to get an analytics program off the ground. Invariably, though, enterprises must count on the CIO and IT to play a leading role in data-driven transformation.

If you’re one of those CIOs burning the midnight smartphone over big data and analytics, the good news is, tales of analytics success abound. Look hard enough and you can find examples of an enterprise similar to yours using data analytics to improve revenue, cut costs, tap into new markets, improve employee efficiency — and often all of the above.

Fortunately, CSC has rounded up a dozen big data and analytics success stories that make excellent — and encouraging — reading during a CIO’s restless nocturnal hours. They feature Avis Budget Group, MetLife Auto & Home, the New York State Department of Health and nine other enterprises whose analytics investments are paying off in numerous ways.

These stories are guaranteed to put CIOs to sleep — but in a good way.


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