Agility Platform now integrated with Amazon Route 53

CSC Agility Platform integration with AWS Route 53

Recently, the CSC Agility Platform team released an update integrating Agility Platform with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an even tighter way.

The Agility Platform has had support for deploying and starting instances on Amazon for quite awhile. Over the years, Amazon has added many other features to their offering. With the CSC update, we now support Amazon’s Route 53 feature within an Agility Blueprint.

Route 53 is a highly scalable Domain Name System (DNS), which simplifies routing network traffic to servers by providing the translation between a server name (ie: to a TCP/IP Address (ie: Memorizing TCP/IP Addresses may be fun for some people, but most people would rather remember a “name.” Consider this a contact list for DNS.

With the enhanced integration, Amazon Route 53 can be added to an Agility Platform blueprint. Blueprints are the way that solution architects combine all of the required technologies, such as servers, database, web servers, storage, networking, etc., to provide a service to their end customers. Services can be something as simple as a tomcat server to something more complex, such as a CRM or SAP solution.

The blueprints can now leverage Amazon Route 53 as an embedded feature of the blueprint/service, and when a blueprint is ordered, Route 53 (DNS) can be provisioned on demand with design-time settings. (Please refer to the documentation and release notes for specific features and limitations.)

Customers who have the Agility Platform installed within their own data center(s) can upgrade to the newest version of Agility and/or updated adapters. Please refer to the documentation to review which versions of the Agility Platform the Adapters have been certified against; an upgrade of Agility may be required.

For customers using CSC managed cloud offerings, such as BizCloud or CSC Hybrid Cloud, discuss this update with your account representative. Those CSC Services follow a separate schedule for updating the platform and the unique services they provide.

– Tobin Isenberg


Agility Platform now integrated with Amazon RDS

An example integration of Agility Platform and ServiceNow

Agility Platform certified with OpenStack (Juno and Kilo)

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